Thursday, 30 June 2011

Framed, Centred and Sidetracked

It didn't take long to finish the alternate frames on these 1950s stitcheries.

The centre is complete. Yay! I was looking at the huge pile of "short bits" left over after the scrappy strippy log-cabin style borders were added... thinking What will I do with these?

I think I know what to do. Now the centre is complete, I will use up the strippy bits by joining them into long borders. I will go around the quilt centre as many times as possible.

Then it will need quilting - probably in some large flower design that is reminiscent of the 1950s dresses themselves. Followed by... hmmm... probably a plain brown binding. Or red. *grin*


Then, I got so excited by this "almost-up-to-quilting-finish"... that I wanted to make pillowcases.

My friend Shelly found a fantastic online tutorial for making pillowcases. Click here to watch the video. You make a tube and turn it inside out. It's that simple.

These cat pillowcases are for a girl who is celebrating her 9th birthday in a month (yes, I've made them a bit early, but how cuuute is the fabric??)

Uh oh, I can feel a new and urgent addiction coming along. Stay tuned!!


Catskill Quilter said...

This is going to be a fabulous quilt! I love the colors, and the stitchery and patchwork!

Michelle said...

Those dresses are so beautiful -- is there a pattern for them somwhere?

Diamant said...

Would love to see some more detailed photos of these dresses. I am just starting the second dress of this pattern and have trouble deciding on threads and colours. My black backstitch with 2 strands of DMC is pathetic so have unpicked that and am now doing split stitch with 1 thread of Aurifil Mako No 12 and that looks a lot better. I am interested in knowing how other people treated this pattern. Yours looks beautiful.

Karen said...

The fabric used in the sashings around the dress blocks is just perfect. Your idea for the border will work well.