Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oh. Oh.

There's something tempting about a Jelly Roll and Layer Cake still in their wrappings. (Maybe I should have taken a photo? Oh well... I couldn't help ripping open the packaging).

I've been looking and patting the fabrics for a while, taking them out of their storage er... paper bag (Yes, they have been with the other PIGS - Projects In Grocery Sacks - for quite some time) with the intention of making "Persian Tiles" - designed by my friend Carol.

Well, today is the day... I just had to cut them up. I fancied some simple straightforward sewing. I filled three bobbins (as I usually do... because I just HATE it when the bobbin runs out 2 inches from the end of the last seam).

So, I've filled three bobbins, and the machine is threaded... then I realised I had to select which squares to keep, and which to cut up. Then I had to cut strips. Oh. Oh.

So, all I've done is this:

Two sides added onto each of the 25 block centres.

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