Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maybe I should call it French Tiles?

I definitely feel like I have my quilting mojo back (where have you been????)....

It's going to be great to see this quilt on my bed in such a short time... (right Mum? hint hint - yeah, I know you are

The outer border is on. I changed it from Carol's design, where the remaining strips and squares were cut up to make a border of little squares. I used a wide border from the "French Quarter" fabric range - it seems to be perfect with the "La Petite Ecole" colourings by French General.

Honestly, I like the modern and vintage mixture of texture and colour in the prints. It will suit a new or historic home decor.

I've attached a label to the backing - fusible web and machine blanket-stitch. I like to do this (when I remember), as it's difficult to steal a quilt and hide its origin when it has been quilted through.

I joined the backing. What a big job when it's a big quilt. The backing needed to be 2.5 metres square, so it takes about 6.5 metres for the back. I know, I could have used a wideback, but I love this fabric. And it goes sooo well with the front.

Look, even the binding is made, ready to attach. I am feeling virtuous. *wink*

No, really. I can't wait to have it on my bed.

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Karen said...

I have never put the label on before quilting but have heard of people doing that. And for the very same reason as you.
I like the fabrics you used in the quilt. Such a vintage look.