Monday, 27 June 2011

Itching for stitching

I can't wait for a little bit of time to sit at the sewing machine. Of course there are the 1950s dresses (to be known as Flea-Market Vintage) ready to pounce upon, and here is a UFO I pulled out a few days ago.

These are squares from the Yuwa Live fabric range that have been joined. For some reason I also bought one metre of a particular fabric.

I've joined them as much as I could, then put them away for er.... well...a long time.

I was looking through some old magazines that are sold to support charity quilting, and found an advert for the Yuwa Live squares. The magazine was from 2002. *pursed lips*

Okay, let's let these fabrics live and breathe as a quilt, rather than stagnate as a UFO. I have selected border treatments, and here they are cut and ready to stitch on. (I've even cut the binding so I don't forget what I will use - one just doesn't know how long a project will be put away for).

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The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

I just discovered your blog tonight through a quilter's show and tell site. So glad I did, your quilts are lovely. I really love the fabrics and colour choices you make for your quilts. Some standouts are Lizzie Mae's medallion, Vintage Logcabin and your Pieces of the Past...beautiful applique blocks. You have very eclectic tastes. We have some really talented quiltmakers in Australia. Thanks for sharing.