Monday, 30 March 2015

Whimsical, fun and bright - horsies!

I've been going like the clappers on the double sided horsey quilt in the hope that I can finish it and post it to Mum for quilting before she travels 3,000km to visit me... Otherwise it will be a few months before Mum is home again and can quilt it.

We shall see what I can do... in the last few days I found some horse colouring pictures on the internet and have traced out a few and turned them into blocks. I bought these gorgeous Gutermann Sulky variegated threads to stitch the horses on, but after cutting them out I can see with vivid Kaffe fabrics the outlines will need more definition.

 I have chosen colours to give a whimsical fun air, bright and lavish.
 This is for one side of the horsey quilt.
 I've now stitched 5 horse blocks. I am not sure what size I will trim them to yet. I will wait and see how many I make.
 The black free machine applique has certainly helped to define the outlines of the horses.
 I have another 7 horse pictures. Let's see how many more I can cut out, fuse and stitch on in the next few days.
I am feeling excited!

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Even though they are not quite finished, Shelley and Rhette needed to snuggy under their blankies...
 both feeling a bit under the weather, and really, it's all a crafter asks for is her creations to be used, loved and appreciated.

 Here is a pic of the robot and dinosaur bunting hanging in situ.
And even though I'd love to get them finished, (and the purple one on the couch which is for my sister expecting her first baby), the mailman brought the horse fabrics to make my little girl's quilt.... and I'm going to try to whip up an original double sided quilt in the next couple of weeks - so that I can post it to Mum to quilt before she leaves (3000km from here) to drive here for a visit. I'm keen!

Better get a move on.... I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A little distraction

At the same time as juggling deadlines for the July cushion, I am trying to finish two crochet blankets. When will they be finished? Er. How long is a piece of wool. No really, I want to use as much of the wool as possible. So I will make them as large as possible.
 I've just joined on another piece to Shelley's blanket, and it is now doubled in size. It's just big enough to go over her body. Really needs to be bigger. Of course, ends must also be sewn in.
I am loving the variegated yarn. I would be bored silly making the same block over and over if not for the colour changes.

I'd better get cracking on Rhette's blanky now. I need to finish them at the same time you see... siblings. ;)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

cushion update

I've been working great guns on the cushion. It needs to be finished by July for a special gift. Should be a shoo-in..... except that I have a couple of things I want to quickly make that may just distract me for a while... I hope it ends up finished at the right time!

I'm loving the richness of the colours, even though it's an acrylic yarn it is very soft and the hues are vivid, even if they don't glow as wool does.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Well, I knew it...

I totally knew I could be addicted to making Bunting! It's just so easy to do, and requires very little thought process. It's also quick, so I feel like I can achieve finishes very easily.
 This is the rest of the dinosaur and robot bunting - this one doesn't actually say "happy birthday", so it can hang all year until he's a bit older... Perhaps a space theme next year will work well.
 And, as I finished those ones, I started babushka bunting.... I'm not quite sure who it will be for yet. I suspect another run to the local fabric shop to see what other bunting panels are there.
To be finished kid-free next week....

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Birthday Bunting

Ahhh. *satisfied sigh* I've decided to try to machine sew for at least a few kid-free hours each week while they are at school and kinder. 
 This is secret sewing for Rhette's 5th birthday present in only a few days....
Robot and dinosaur birthday bunting... He's only young for a short time, why not enjoy it?

I must be careful, this bunting thing could be addictive.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Aha! I knew I'd find some handwork in the caravan stash. It's an acrylic wool 
(very very soft) cross-stitched cusion cover. It's a pleasure to do.
 I am looking forward to giving it as a special gift in July this year - this means I will keep onto it as my current hand work project.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Another little flower

 Another little flower from Hugs and Kisses From Mackenzie.....
 I am adoring this little bit of handwork. There are a few more blocks not quite finished, and then I feel the caravan stash of prepared applique will have dried up and a top-up from the storage container interstate will be in order.
I will enjoy it while I can.