Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Starseed Towel

This handtowel is appliqued with the triple goddess in shimmery fabric. It's gone to its forever home along with the new release card deck "Goddess Dream Oracle". What a great match they are.

I've purchased a special pattern from Blackbird Designs with a quilt design "The Raven". The book contains the poem by Edgar Allen Poe, and some of my favourite ever motifs: ravens and pumpkins. I have decided to make it in muted colours to hang up in the house in October, before we decorate for Christmas. 

I think we are going to have seasonal decorating all year round.

All I've done is start the stems. Hee hee. I am using an ongoing grunge fabric for the stems, as I have no idea how much I need.

This towel in its stunning blue is so absolutely gorgeous.

I have appliqued a starseed woman on a shimmery fabric moon background.

All ready for a special bath ritual.

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