Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What I've been up to...

Here are some blocks for the Dollhouse BOM I have been working on. So far, they are just fused on. I will machine blanket-stitch around them all together (it's less changing of threads for colour isn't it??).

I've had a lot of fun selecting fabrics.
This is the "studio" - I especially love the quilt fabric.

Do you remember Magoo and Mrs Perkins? They are featured in the "nursery" block of the dollhouse!!
I still need to embroider some details such as faces.
There are 8 rooms, then the roof, then the front door, lawn and sky around the outside!! I'll show you more later...

Monday, 29 June 2009

Here's the rascal!

This is the reason why I hadn't posted for a little while... I couldn't get the photos off my camera (or take any more for that matter!!).

The camera battery charger went for a little walk.. I tidied up a lot of areas while looking for it... then I found it unexpectedly while vacuuming. Nowhere near where it was supposed to be!!

So.. there will be some showing and telling over the next few days...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Surf's Up

I just love this fabric from the range "Surf City"!! Andrea and I chose fabrics that were not in the range to go with the old woodies...

Isn't it going to make a great boys' quilt??

Here is a little medley of the blocks I made so far....
I can't wait ti make more, they are so quick to make... and I am very satisfied with the fabrics we chose.
So, here is another new UFO. Hopefully, I will finish it while I am still in raptures with the look.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Little Patchwork Village topped!!

When I say I have "topped" this quilt, I don't mean that I have done better than it .. I mean that I have made the quilt top. I finished cutting the rest of the blocks out last Tuesday at Mum's place - I took Amanda over to see Mum and the computerised longarm in action!!
I had 3 blocks already made, then I pieced the rest in no time!! My DH was playing pool so there was nothing to go home to... (especially with my central heating out of order - the control panel has nothing on the display)... so I stayed at work for a few more hours and finished piecing the quilt top too.
Here it is!!

Want to see some of the blocks?

I used a green variegated thread.

I love the fabrics I chose - the original quilt was red and pink, I think I've had enough of those for now....
Now, this quilt has to go back to Mum's place for quilting!!! LOL!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Strippy Quilt

I finished the strippy quilt from Jo Morton's Little Women Club. I haven't measured it, but I estimate it to be about 1 foot x 1 1/2 feet in size. I machine quilted along the swirly print I used for strips.

Made from 4 fat quarters plus backing, with plenty of leftovers!!!
Now, to finish the baskets quilt!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

1930s aprons

Well, these aren't quite from the 1930s... but they are from 1930s prints! I love this fabric!
The main blue floral print is a fat quarter, then you add borders around the bottom with a mitred edge...
then make straps, baste them onto the front of the apron, then make a lining, bag it and turn through.

The top of the apron is folded down - I am going to add a fabric-covered button to hold folded down.

Andrea and I are going to run a workshop at our local quilt group. Too fun!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I almost forgot!!

How very wicked of me!! I almost forgot to post a picture of the finished Quilt-Aid quilt top!!

If you would like to make this quilt, or a different quilt using these blocks please go to the Quilt Aid website and sign up!!

We are supporting a hospital in Ethiopa for women who suffer from fistulas.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Christmas Belles

I am not yet resigned to chopping up my wedding dress to make a quilt as shown in my previous post, but, I have been very busy!!

I started a new project! Is that wrong???

It's a Christmas table runner, using a pattern by Cinderberry Stitches called "Christmas Belles". I will include a photo of the pattern next time I show you what I am up to!!
I love these fresh Christmas fabrics - they are from the Sherry Berry Christmas range - quite suitable for a hot Christmas!! I thought they would like right on the table next to fruit salad and ice-cream!! LOL!! Mmmm ice cream!
I have started to stitch the mice (the belles) featured on the runner. I will give you an update soon!!