Friday, 26 April 2013

Caravan equipment...

Every caravan needs co-ordinating accessories... including a plastic bag storage solution!

Some towns are plastic-bag free. I find that quite annoying - plastic bags make good bin liners, and they help the rubbish to break down more quickly at the tip. Quite often, they then biodegrade in the sun.

And so, I'll need somewhere to store the plastic bags I've collected for those times when I'm in a plastic-bag free town, and I don't have any disposable gloves, or bin liners, or plastic containers for food in the fridge.....

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Crazy Quiltin'

I'm preparing for time a-travelling in a caravan. This includes the preparation of projects to carry around. I can't possibly fit all the sewing I'd like to take.... but I'm going to try to take quite a bit with me!

How many blocks do you think I'll need for a bed quilt? These are 12.5 inch blocks... but maybe I won't make an entire bed quilt. A throw might be enough... And what about the embellishment? How much is too much?
I really don't know how much to put on them, but it's not the time to be embellishing and decorating yet.... All the same, I couldn't resist putting a little bit on here.... ooh hand-dyed satin velvet!
Dang! It doesn't really look like a heart does it? Maybe I can turn it into a chicken? Later, later... heh heh.... it's time to sew blocks.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Show N Tell

Photos sent to me by the Daddies of the twin boys I made these quilts for.....  Now they have the books!

Come on Daddy! Send me a picture of the babies with the quilts!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

This is McKenzie

This is McKenzie... The Fluttering Fairy quilt is hers... and she looks sooo pretty here with it...... I love photos of babies with the quilts I made them... Awww... xxx

This is my Mum's dog Jessie. She has her own quilt made from orphan blocks... Isn't she cute? Why shouldn't she have a quilt too? Hehheh....

Friday, 5 April 2013

Bride Uncovered

Oh my! Why is it when you're packing up your sewing and your stash that you find all the things you feel like sewing???

This Civil War Bride block hasn't been touched since July 2010. Actually, none of the blocks have been touched since then...

It's been all fast and furious quilting, with little time for my own work.... or little inclination.... but the quilt mojo is on (as you might be able to tell)... and before I pack away my stash for a while to go caravanning, I am preparing a few blocks so they can be taken on the road to stitch.... ahhhh.....

I've sewn 2 purple daisies onto this block - I really need to take a better phoeo -this is just with a camera phone, and while it looks fine on the phone, it's not so good blown up on the laptop screen....

I hope there will soon be more to show.