Saturday, 31 July 2010

I am plugging away at these little blocks for Lizzie Mae's Medallion. Half way through these particular ones now, I have made eight.

Eight more of these to go, then another 20 small blocks for the next border.
The colours look warm and cosy when you see the blocks all together.
Of course, I rewarded myself with a bit of cross-stitch after that... which may be causing me to stay up too late at night. I found myself dreadfully tired this morning...

Woo hoo! The letters look good. I still need to fill in some of the house, but that's boring white, and best left when I am talking to others at the same time!! e.g. at sewing group!!

This is another non-fattening treat. Oceanica panel and border panel with a couple of prints from the Oceanica range, some from the Folklorica range and others I liked. I have no idea what I am going to do with this yet... it's officially a PIG (Project In Grocery Sack) and is sitting in the bag I bought it in.

Oh yes, and I have trimmed the outside scallops of the 1950s quilt. Now I need to cut binding on the bias and machine it on.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Where do all the hours go?

Another 3 blocks for Lizzie Mae's. I need to make 16 of these blocks - so that's still 11 to go. I think three or four in one night after work is about my limit though - I almost feel too tired to blog, let alone think and sew!!
One of the fabrics is a bit light, but I might let it go, as it adds an antique-sort-of quality to the medallion.
Then a little bit more on the cross stitch sampler (this is the Christmas one).

Before I can work on the cross stitch next time, I need to finish trimming the scallop shapes on the 1950s quilt which has been beautifully quilted. (Thanks Mum!!)
Where do all the hours go? I just want to sew!!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

A little bit of homework... then...

Two little blocks for Lizzie Mae's medallion, then I felt absolutely brain dead!! Then I settled down to watch some Monk episodes on DVD and worked on this roof.
Sawtooth stars in the roof!! Okay, I have so many things to do that I am only allowing myself to cross-stitch after I've done some "serious homework"!! LOL!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hand sewing

I've been hand sewing only for 2 nights in a row (2 quilt groups this week!!), and I didn't quilt in either of them!

This is one of the vintage-look cross-stitch samplers I bought last week.

I just love the way the Threadwork threads are slightly variegated. Are you meant to complete one cross at a time with such variegated thread?

Monday, 26 July 2010

Lizzie Mae is growing up

Doesn't Lizzie Mae sound like she is a little girl with pigtails?
Actually, it's this quilt.

I've added 2 borders to the centre, with 3 more to go. And a lot more piecing to do!!

The colours look a little bit light to me at the moment, but the intensity of the teal/blue will increase as we progress towards the outside of the quilt.

I've got some serious homework to do too: another miniature (I haven't done one for a little while); scallop the edges and bind the 1950s quilt; finish Lizzie Mae quilt top; finish the baubles quilt top; quilt the I Believe wallhanging.
I'd better remind myself to breathe....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I wonder why..

I'm not entirely sure why I took photos of these quilts... there were other stunning, striking and interesting quilts on display at the VicQuilter's Showcase in Melbourne this weekend.
Maybe they are examples or reminders of things I liked about the quilts, or maybe I am making it myself, or maybe I don't think I would ever make a quilt like that. Whatever the reason, these are the quilts I took photos of.
All those hand-pieced clamshells!! I particularly like the way these were quilted. Both around the curve, and in a geometric pattern.

I think I have seen this quilt (pattern by Kim McLean) in traditional fabrics. What a wow with the Kaffe Fassets.

This is Ronnie's Civil War Bride Quilt. Talk about quick!! Made in less than one year!! Now this one I am making myself.

Once again, I am not sure what I like about this one. Lots of things. I like the colours, the quilting, the mixture of blocks and the applique afterwards.

Is that broderie perse applique in the outer triangles? I can't remember. It sure looks soft and pretty. Some very precise blocks in there.

This quilt is a reminder for me: it's a round robin where you work on your own quilt. The next month's instructions were drawn out of a hat, you couldn't plan far ahead.

I have on
I have one of these centre panels, not sure what to make with mine....

From a distance, this quilt was striking (it won awards actually)....

but when I looked at the fabric close-up, there is no way I would have teemed them together. The spots seemed to fuzz away the wonderfully pointed triangles.
There's a lesson in there for me.

Carolyn Konig of course. I like the way there are different background fabrics used within the quilt.
Would you believe this one was made from "leftovers"? Yes, leftover blocks from a BOM. So gorgeous in this quilt.

Striking colour choices.
Oh and what's this?
A little bit of my own show and tell... an addition to the cross-stitch. LOL!!
I have been granting myself a little bit of cross-stitch if I do something else I didn't feel like. What did I sew? I will show you tomorrow!!

Saturday, 24 July 2010


You know, I didn't actually need to buy anything at the Stitches and Craft Fair in Melbourne... but I did manage to find some vintage-looking cross-stitch sampler patterns to buy.
I also enjoyed buying the linens and AIDA cloth to stitch onto - also in vintage natural colours.

And... I now have Threadworx threads to stitch them in.

Look at the way the Threadworx changes colour slightly as I stitch. It definitely gives a vintage hue. Beautiful.

VicQuilter's showcase photos tomorrow. I promise!!

Friday, 23 July 2010

By hand and machine

I needed some handwork for the train - I went into Jeff's Shed for the VicQuilter's Exhibition and Stitches and Craft Show.
I grabbed my 1800s blue English-pieced diamonds (AKA "Oh My Stars!", and tacked a stack of them. I didn't need much space, and they weren't heavy. Groovy. I did about 35 during 2 hours (that's both ways on the train).

I will share some eye candy from the quilt show ... later okay? (and some of my shopping...)

I just wanted to come home and sew!!! I am still disappointed I couldn't find my miniature quilt in time to deliver it for hanging... *sigh*

I worked on the Lizzie Mae's inner border - still need to trim the centre applique block before I can join them together..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Well... I haven't done much more on the Civil War Bride block. I feel a bit stuck. I finished all the leaves, and asked my friends at the CWBQ blog for advice... I need to think on it awhile. Now I have 2 half finished blocks to go with 10 finished ones!!

Moving on ... I only had to make 3 more of these little blocks for Lizzie Mae's Medallion. I even joined them into the left and right sides, top and bottom.

I just need to trim the centre applique block and make an inner border... Another night maybe...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Time to relax

It's been really important for me to try to find some time to relax over the last few days. Last night I could finally stitch a little bit of this Civil War Bride block. I deliberately chose the bright yellow flowers with a blue vase in mind. This ombre blue (it's a Dargate) is just perfect - even the diagonal pattern is great.
However, I am playing with the leaf fabric - fussy cutting from a green and pink print.
What do you think? Do the leaves look okay? Maybe I should change the bright yellow to a lighter yellow. There are other flowers to go on the top of the block. Will pink look okay?

Any thought appreciated.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lost: one miniature quilt

I've been absolutely flat chat the last few days. I've stayed up late a few nights in a row, and I can hardly even show you why!!

See this block with the smiling girl? That's me. Because I have finished this quilt!! This is the QuiltAid 2010 quilt. The theme is "The Greatest Gift", and I have named this quilt "The Greatest Gift - Friendship".

It's not a terribly good photo, I will snap a better one while it is hanging at the Vic Quilter's Exhibition this coming weekend.
I've been binding, adding hanging sleeves and looking for my miniature quilt. I entered the quilt into the exhibition, it was accepted, and I had it only 3 weeks ago. I turned everything upside down last night looking for the mini quilt - it's not even that small!!
But, I just couldn't find it in time. *sigh*
I just know it will turn up somewhere I have already looked.
There goes the $40 I paid for entry fees and judging feedback.
You can find out more about the QuiltAid programme by clicking the link on the sidebar.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

A fresh start

I've started another block in the Civil War Bride quilt. Boy! Don't those tulips look lairy so far!! LOL!! The stems are only fused and pinned on at the moment, so the wrinkles will drop out of the background. (Have you noticed that no leaves are yet stitched!! That last block was absolutely full of leaves!!).

I've also started a baby quilt for my old friend's newborn baby. She was born 8 weeks premature, so the time for me has really run out!!
And, I've got a deadline - I need to bind a quilt very quickly for an upcoming exhibition, and attach a hanging sleeve to another one.
This block may just go on hold for a little while.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What a transformation...

From woah to go!! I've finished another block!

I love the "crowded" look of this Civil War Bride block.

I've added lots of poison greens to add brightness to the block. Unlike the pattern we at the Civil War Bride Blog are following, I used only one fabric for the flowers.
I really like the directional print on the red flowers too. Overall, I am pretty happy with this block.

So, how do they all look together now?

Slightly odd shaped. But that's what happens when you are half way through the blocks!! I just want to light those words in neon so they flash and sparkle.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Every leaf counts

It might seem excessive - a blog post for every few leaves added to this block, but I need to count every stitch as a positive!!

Who knows whether I will get to stitch anything tonight??? I plan to trace up a new block, so that's something.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Halfway through the blocks

Ooh, this is coming along nicely. This is my 10th block - soon I will be half way. I started making the Civil War Bride blocks last September... so that's one per month!! It's not too bad if you think of it that way!!

I hope I can squeeze in some more before I feel too guilty about neglecting the 12 Days Of Christmas and the Christmas Baubles quilt.

I love this flower. The directional fabric adds a zing. The leaf on the top left is unfinished as it will hang over into the next block.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New block

I was so chuffed with my latest Civil War Bride block, I started another one straight away.

I started to worry the colours in my blocks were a bit pale, so I've packed some punch into this block's choices. Lots of chrome yellow in the poison greens...

I'll take this along to quilt group tonight...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I just love it

This is block #1 in the Civil War Bride Quilt. My pink flowers remind me of Pink Heath - Victoria's floral emblem. Just perfect!!
I'm not sure whether the yellow bits are supposed to be leaves or flowers - this is a compromise.

Here are the 9 completed blocks so far. I just love it!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Here's the catch...

There is only one catch to having an entire block traced out, and fabrics ready to go.... It makes me want to stay up too late, as the block just grows and grows... it looks so beautiful!!

Guess I'd better trace off another one or I'll have nothing to take to sewing group!! Hee hee.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Bride Returns

I knew I wouldn't have much time to work on the Civil War Bride quilt during the first half of the year... so how have I managed to do so much of the cross-stitch stocking?
Well, the cross-stitch didn't require any preparation, it was ready to pick up and sew, and it didn't require much concentration and calculating (unlike designing my own quilts)...
So, (or should that be Sew?) I prepared the first block from the Bride quilt, and I actually sewed some.. yay!! I am glad to back in the saddle.
Of course I don't want to forget about the 12 Days Of Christmas quilt either... ooh...does this ever happen to you?
Anyway, this is why I write a blog - to keep track of my quilting projects.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Milestone on the 12 Days quilt

Aha! Another block finished!! And.... now.. that's all the centre blocks complete!

Next - measure the stitchery borders to fit, and finish stitchery-ing the cornerstones... as long as I am not distracted.
Having the centre of the quilt together makes me feel like I want to move on though. I don't think I will be putting this down for long.