Wednesday, 13 July 2011

11 Years ago...

This is my year 2000 quilt - I can hardly belive it was 11 years ago!! Actually, I swapped squares during the year 2000 and made my quilt the following year.

I joined an online swap - each person bundled together a "squishy" - 25 squares measuring 3in x 3in, and swapped them along with a "signature square".
Some of the fabrics were butt ugly. How was I going to turn 2000 squares of fabric into something attractive?

I didn't have an even number of light and dark prints, so I decided to colourwash them into squares. And, I love how it looks.

It made a very large quilt that would hang over my king sized bed. It was quite heavy, and consequently I didn't use it very much.

I have given it away to be loved and used.

Isn't that what any quiltmaker wants from a recipient?


Teresa Rawson said...

Somehow I missed this post...I think I was on vacation...I LOVE the way you grouped the squares into color groups! It gives the quilt a whole new dimension.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Andrea said...

I had forgotten how good this quilt looked at the time - I remember helping you to sew the binding on at quilt group all those years ago. Thanks for the walk down memory lane....... Andrea