Friday, 12 September 2008

I am Elizabeth Bennett!

Eureka chain is on its way to Mum for quilting. Yesterday I pieced the back. It is quite interesting. I found a small (unlisted) UFO and some orphan blocks that were leftovers, and incorporated them onto the reverse side (I will not be calling it the back on a double-sided quilt).

You will have to wait for a photo though, it was too big to photograph on my own. The quilt top and reverse are the size of my king-sized bed, so you wouldn't be able to see anyway.

As well as finding the small UFO, I found these oven mitts that I finished in June (I think).

I already gave some away.

I bought a panel called "Amy's Kitchen", and I wondered what to do with it.

I will make some more oven mitts to give as gifts with the rest of the pictures. I feel that oven mitts are useful and can suit a country home or give a kitsch feel, so the recipient does not have to feel like they are a cook to appreciate them. (Anyone can put frozen chips in the oven anyway!!)

I like these kids eating the chocolate cake. There should another picture of kids licking the bowl and wooden spoon or eggbeaters.

I machined the binding on the 2007 Mystery Quilt, and last night I started the hand-stitching while watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC series) for about the 46th time. I love it. I am going to watch for the conversation prints in the girls' frocks.

Did you see? I took the quiz Which Austen Heroine Are You? I am Elizabeth Bennett!! Well, like her I guess. I couldn't be happier. The BBC series' portrayal of Elizabeth Bennett is very much to my liking.

OOh! and I have another quilt on Quilter's Show and Tell. Visit the site and submit your photos. It's not bragging, the intention is to inspire others, like me. Go on! Off you go!

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