Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What does a PIG look like?

A few years ago (Ack! Maybe even 4 or 5 years ago! Sandra bought me some lovely fabric. I bought more to go with it.

It is a Project In a Grocery Sack (PIGS). An unstarted UFO. Not even a future project, just a lovely group of fabric in a box or bag ready to go (usually kept in the shopping bag it was purchased in).
NB Although we don' t use the term "grocery sack" in Australia, it's such a good acronym I am stealing it.

Why haven't I started it? Same reason for not using the red and green Robyn Pandolph fabric I bought 8 years ago. Still looking for the "right" pattern. Actually, now I look at this fabric, it probably needs a little zing in there somewhere. I know I will find it.

Anyone know of a good pattern??? LOL! This fabric makes me think of Persian carpets and Moroccan tiles.

Cecile Whatman is organising a challenge: create either a self portrait or an abstract self expression quilt. Download the forms and send a donation for the N.S.W. Cancer Council (in Australia) and you will receive specific challenge materials to use in your small quilt.
You need to register by 12th September (hurry!!), but you don't have to hand in your mini quilt until December... that's good news!!!
P.S. One side left on the final border of Eureka chain.


Anonymous said...

i think your right a persian style look be great, you will have to look at some persian carpet web sites for styles,
good luck in whatever you do with them,

The Calico Cat said...

No ideas, but those fabrics are lovely... To me the yellow is a bit of a zinger...

Maybe a traditional medallion quilt...

Nicole and Phil said...

looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with these fabrics!
I love the quilt in the previous that looks like lots of will you quilt it???

Bizarre Quilter said...

How will I quilt the mosaic? I will go around each of the tile fragments a few times, then move along to the next one. Kind of like the way I have free-motion appliqued the pieces on. It's not work when it's fun. The quilt is not really that big, it's about 1.2metres x 0.8 metres.

That felt strange, giving quilt measurements in metric!!