Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Red Delicious time

Esther has her next block up for the free Red Delicious BOM.

It will only be up for one month, you will have to be quick. On the 15th of January the block will be replaced with block three. If you missed Esther's first block you will need to go to etsy and buy it.

I can't wait to start mine...

Here is what I really have to do now. LOL!!

My sister's DB (Dearly Beloved) is a very funky guy. When we were shopping for bridesmaid dresses (1 1/2 years ago!!! *blush*) Pevie said he always wanted a "smoking jacket". Do you know the type? Shiny with flash large lapels? He has never seen anything like it that would work.

I said I would make him one. Pevie bought the fabrics and pattern (about $100 worth) and I have half-made it. I need to take it up there at Christmas, finished. He doesn't mention the jacket anymore, but I know he hasn't forgotten.

First... I need to find it. I found the pattern.....Isn't the velvet beautiful?

There were only 2 mens jacket patterns available from all the pattern ranges. I guess people buy ready-to-wear or see a tailor (who wouldn't need a Butterick pattern LOL!!!).

Pevie liked the pre-quilted look so I didn't make a separate lining. In some ways this was easier. I want to use a satin-finish fabric to add "bindings" (like quilt bindings) over the seams so that the raw edges are not sticking out.

The velvet really makes the "look". I added some to the cuffs to give a bit more glam. This photo doesn't look as good. I must take another one without the flash.

I hope to post more progress tomorrow.

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Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Wow, what a nice SIL you are. Sharyn