Monday, 27 April 2009

The bag lady strikes back!!

Yesterday afternoon we had a really cold snap. The change of seasons always seem to set us quilters into a change one way or another... and we in the southern hemisphere are all settling in to snow er... SEW in this weather. And drink warm drinks!! Here are my gorgeous girlfriends!! Don't we look like the Gingham Girls in Bronwyn Hayes patterns (or are we kidding ourselves?)

We are picking rich and warm colours to make quilts to keep us cosy... however.. I saw this bag pattern yesterday and decided I would like to make it.

I picked my fabrics (this is the really easy part for me), and cut them out.

The white section of the original bag is made with a piece of old cotton knitted jumper with stabiliser ironed onto the back. I saw this woven textured cotton and thought it would be perfect!!!

After making the bag, I reviewed my button choice. I didn't want the flash buttons to distract from the pretty handle.

But, I stuck to my original plan....

I think this pattern was appealing to me because I already had the beautiful handles... they just seem to work with the shape, style and fabrics.

I'm back with a vengeance!!! (Only 3 weeks left to work on the QuiltAid quilt!!!).

I'm off home to roast some carrots for soup and applique while watching DVDs of Cold Feet episodes.


Janet said...

I found the cold a bit of a shock today. Love the bag and the handles are pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag Loz and the handles. Can see why it was a must make.

Unknown said...

Great Bag & a Nice pic of the Girl's.....

Donna said...

I love your bag and the handles. It's such a nice picture of your friends.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments!!They are a great bunch of friends!

Bizarre Quilter said...
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Nicole & Phil said...

waves to my Deutsch friend in this photo! ;)

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