Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dame such-a-lot

Such a lot has happened since I last blogged! I want to keep up with my blogging so that I am keeping track of my work. Hmm...

So what happened?

I lay in bed for 4 days with the flu, sat out in the Autumn sunshine when I could, ate oranges etc. I got the flu before the flu shots were out... so I guess there's not much point getting one now! (At least for a few weeks until I am quite over this one). I have mixed feelings about flu shots, but I really need to talk to my Dr. I had pneumonia 13 months ago and need to be very careful. Well, that's one of my excuses for not blogging..

What's another one? Oh yeah! I couldn't find my camera.. well, my DH's camera just doesn't quite cut it, it's a different brand, and I always find the colour quality so different to real life.

I have been working on another funky monkey!

Here he is!!! What a cutie! This one reminds me of a little cartoon stuck to my fridge. It is one scene picturing the traditional pirates with a wooden leg, or a hook, or an eye patch and one is saying "Arhh, here comes Mr Perfect" because a pirate with all his appendages and eyes is approaching. At the moment, this is Pirate Magoo because he is missing an arm and his eyes!!!

Here's something else I have been working on... yay!! The medallion quilt from Jo's Little Women club is finished! (Well, the top is finished). I just love it!! I challenged myself not to use green (which I usually LOVE) and I only have one in it (one is not too bad is it????).. the original quilt was green and red, so I wanted to do something cool and soft rather than warm, but still use the vintage look of Jo Morton fabrics.

I have also been working on the Quilt-Aid blocks. I am at the half-way mark in terms of time, and have 3 weeks left to completely finish my quilt and write the instructions. ACK!! You know what I will be showing you next!!!
I will post pictures of the Quilt-Aid blocks very soon!


Deep Creek Quilter said...

It is greaat to see you blogging I miss it. Your Jo Morton Quilt is lovely the colours look beaut. Any colour is better than no pictures at all.And I love Magoo.

Maree said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick for so Long...Your Quilt is Beautiful...a lot of work has gone into it...hope your on the mend Now..

Donna said...

Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. The colors are perfect. Sorry you have been ill.

Maggie A said...

Your Jo Morton quilt is just wonderful