Friday, 1 August 2008

Finished the Christmas Mice!

Yes! I finished this project pretty quickly. That's the beauty of a little project.

Now I am ready to finish a mystery quilt I started January last year. I was up to date each month last year, so what happened? It only needs to be put together.

Three things put me off:

(1) I thought I ran out of green for 2 leaves and nobody on SCQuilters had any (but I found some at home somewhere - obviously not in the box with the rest!).

(2) I needed to purchase extra fabric. I had bought it all at the beginning - before I knew what the quilt looked like. Month 2 we got the message to purchase an extra 0.5 metres, this could be purchased later to "balance" the quilt.

(3) The final assembly instructions are a little tricky and i need some clarification. I have just emailed the designer and I look forward to piecing the quilt top over the weekend.

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