Friday, 4 June 2010


Would you believe all I have to do is this corner of the tapestry? It is about the same size as my hand.

And a few little bits in the centre. I hope I will have enough tapestry wool to finish this tonight.

Last night I started listening to the audio book "The Power Of One". I listened to it a few years ago, but like good typed books, it deserves further listening. So, of course I got itchy fingers. I couldn't read a pattern or instructions, so I went looking for a project.

Now, I want to crack this one... finish it off! I would love to have it framed in olive/khaki colours. I think it will really make the blue pop.

I will show you the entire tapestry when it is finished. Would you believe this project is at least 10 years old? Yes, I know. This would be scratching one off that is not even on my UFO list.

This is only a slight divertion from quilting stuff right? Anyway, it won't be long...


Anonymous said...

I just love a finished project. Kudos to you on the almost finish. Such a sense of satisfaction. Will you post a finished picture for us all? We would love to see it. I have a cross-stitch sampler, it is just huge, it is the Dutch sampler. Working a few stitches on it every now and then can sometimes give my brain a break. You are not a true needleworker unless you have one or two old projects, giggle. I think we are all collect them.


Donna said...

Love the tapestry! I'll look forward to seeing it finished. I don't think it matters what the project is - a completed UFO is a great accomplishment.