Sunday, 6 June 2010

Almost a little finish

Would you believe I ran out of the tapestry wool? Yes, I filled in all the little gaps that needed 4 or 5 stitches in the vase and flowers... then ran out of the bright blue background.

I need to go shopping....

So what did I do? I started something else! I know it seems hopeless!! But I nearly finished one block, so it's almost a little finish. This is one of the blocks from quilt in the book of the same name "I Believe" by Nancy Halvorsen of Art To Heart.

Rather than make the entire quilt, I decided to make 3 blocks into a vertical wallhanging.

I have already machine blanket-stitched Santa and Rudolph, but I just added the lettering. It is not yet stitched down. There is also a little bit of hand stitchery to do, and I need to add some buttons once it is all quilted.

It's a little project, I should be able to add it to my finished list waaaay before this Christmas. :)

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