Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The last of the book covers

I do believe I have reached the end of the book covers. I thought I was done, until last night when I went to wrap presents for giving today. Dang! One short!

So, I made this one for that particular recipient. She will remember her own family kitchen to have been like this, or her grandmother's.

I made this one for my sister. She is such a golf nut that she and her partner went to watch the Australian Open in Sydney last Sunday.

Libby is also very fussy. "No pink, frills or flowery crap". Too bad! This isn't too frilly, and you can't change the colour of the skin on the girls!! I was trying for a fun, fresh and funky look.

I would say my sister is most like the girl in the background. She has short-ish blonde hair, blue eyes and a similar top-heavy build to the girl pictured. LOL!!

Lastly, because it's easier to make a few at once, I made this cover. I am using it as a cover for next year's business diary.


Unknown said...

I Love your covers...we too went to the Golf..in Qld.. so I think the Golf cover is Great...you have Inspired me to have a go at one...

Sweet P said...

I love your covers and I'm convinced I'm going to make some for me real soon, especially for my calendar.

EmilyKate said...

Oh, I LOVE the top one! They are all beautifully done though.

Karen said...

Great covers!