Monday, 27 September 2010

I Believe it's finally finished!

Sometimes it is really hard to find time to sew isn't it? I haven't felt I can concentrate on machine piecing lately. There is just so much going on.

I've been working on the English paper-pieced diamonds - My Stars for mindless handwork. What happened to the Christmas cross-stitch? Nearly finished... I just don't feel like making things to frame anymore. I guess I am not really sure what colours to frame it with and so on. It sounds silly to let something like that stop us from finishing a project. I'm sure it's usually in the subconscious....

However, I do have a finish for show and tell.

I Believe is hanging in this photo. Perhaps I should take another photo where you can see it laying flat.

I need to add some buttons (for holly) and beads (for birdseed), but the rest is finished, and the label is on.... buttons and beads will probably wait until the 1st December - that is this year's deadline. If I don't have the decorations or gifts made by then, it's too late for this year.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

I Believe in.... NOT going to the footy.

What do you do when your nation stops one Saturday afternoon for the AFL Grand Final? Do you watch the game on TV from home? Go to a friend's for a BBQ? Or, relish the time to do a little bit of sewing?

I believe in NOT going to the footy.... soI finally machine quilted "I Believe". Little cirlicues all around the outside and holly leaves and berries between the blocks.
I used a green variegated Signature thread for the quilting. Just loving it....I love to machine quilt - it's hard to find the time to sit in front of the sewing machine sometimes!!
And, I have finished the hand-applique on Square Dance. I had to zig-zag the outer border, it didn't like being handled so much while I blanket-stitched the edges.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A little topper

I worked fairly solidly on these pieced blocks last night. Ta da!!
I started cutting out the applique at Gisborne Quilters. When I got home, I couldn't stop. Now they are all fused on. They only need sewing. Hmm... I might keep that for taking to quilt group... I was just a little bit short of the brown border print and had to include a little bit of selvedge. This should be hidden in the binding. This quilt - Square Dance - will measure 16in x 20in when it is finished. Only two more to go to reach my goal of 9 mini quilt tops this year - then I can quilt them all!!

I am still waiting for the scallop I won't work on the table runners again yet. It's the footy Grand Final this weekend. I might machine quilt I Believe and/or Raspberry Cream. Hmm.. sounds like a plan to me...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blocks is blocks

I spent a little bit of time sewing on my day off yesterday.

I admit, I also spent a little bit of time gardening, a lot of time doing housework and went to a yoga session (I touched my toes for the first time, and it was only my third session!! How exciting!!).

Another four block is another four blocks though. Right? Right.

Monday, 20 September 2010

The new mini

This is the start of the new mini quilt (Square Dance). Each block measures 3 1/2inch square before stitching.
I have another 10 blocks to make, then applique to add... At least I started it!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


I have prepared two table runners now, ready for playing with the EZ scallops tool (I ordered it from my LQS). This one is cross-hatched.

This one is outline quilted.

I love the back just as much as the front.

The variegated thread adds highlights and interest to the front fabric too.
Come on scallop tools!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fresh start

Er.. okay, I admit I am sidetracked easily.

I am so enjoying the free-motion applique, I wanted to do some free-motion quilting (I can actually "see" results of my efforts in the latter case). I also want to play around with scalloped edges. AND, I really liked this fabric (part of the Kaffe Fasset collective).
I have outlined some of the flowers, stems and flower centres. I used a variegated Signature thread for the quilting. It looks sooo good!!
Loving it so much... here is another piece of fabric where I intend to play with scalloped edges. Ssshhh!! I am supposed to be making foundation piecing blocks for my next miniature.
I think I will cross-hatch quilt this - keeping it simple. I will quilt them both first, then play with the scallop templates. I guess, then I will catch up with the foundation piecing...
It's about time for some short term goals:
1. Quilt both table runners ready to play with scallop edges.
2. Finish machine applique on barns (there will be plenty of handwork afterwards - loads of ribbon embroidery).
3. Make outer border on 12 Days of Christmas quilt then give it to Mum for quilting. :)
4. Finish cross-stitch decorations (as long as they are done before December 1st, I don't really mind when).
5. Play with scallop edges on outside of Rural Jardin quilt once it is back from quilting.
6. Start foundation pieced mini quilt (okay, *sigh*, and finish it too).

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Gee, thanks.

Gee, thanks for all the reponses to my last 2 posts (Barns and Lizzie Mae's Medallion).

You inspired me to keep working on the Barns (that, and of course, now I have some more colours for machine appliqueing). It does become tedious though. I have spent about six hours sewing the blocks over the last week, and one cannot see a lot of difference in them. Yet.
Of course, I have a little update on my cross-stitch Christmas decorations...

I wasn't even going to stitch the curly one. However, I started it, and really liked it. It took longer than "Noel"... There are four decorations in the set, perhaps I will make one of each.
Should I make an entire set for me, and a set for my sister? I think they would suit the European (read: Swedish) Christmas decorations she puts out each year.
Oh well, it's something to pick up isn't it?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Piecemakers Barns - an UFO

Last night I dug out this UFO. I haven't worked on it for at least 5 years.... This is one block - the top block is my favourite. I plan to use it int he centre of the quilt.
This is the original quilt design - Piecemakers release a quilt calendar with patterns each year. The theme of the 2003 quilt is barns. I plan to make my blocks square, and make log cabin-style sashings around and between the blocks.

I enjoyed collecting the fabrics - this took a couple of years.

I fused all large pieces onto backgrounds before starting any free-motion applique. This means less bobbin-changes. I do all the grey on all blocks, then all the red on all blocks and so on.

I thought I would do a bit last night, then realised why I had stopped. I don't have the thread colours I need!!
I think I can rectify that now... and get stitching. After all, I only need to buy one colour of thread at a time!! LOL!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010


I've finally added the last sides of the last border onto Lizzie Mae's Medallion.
And, I was able to spread it out on the carpet at home.
I was thinking about adding a brown binding after quilting. Perhaps it needs blue. What do you think?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A little bit more

I really haven't had a brain to focus on much at the moment... my mind is so full, I think I need to meditate some more!!
That is why these simple cross-stich designs are coming along so well. The birds are finished, and I am nearly finished "Noel". I am going to cram as much as I can onto this lovely coloured AIDA cloth before I cut these out and turn them into stuffed Christmas tree decorations.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A little start..

I made a new (little) start, and it's nearly finished!!

Last night the Sunbury group had their AGM. Okay, handwork - what are we doing? My cross stitch sampler is nearly finished, but, I'm not going to be able to concentrate on that...

Ooh! What about these little Christmas decorations I need to make.

So.. I started this one, and it's nearly stitched. That's what happens when you only use one colour (doesn't it look fantastic? It's a Threadworx thread - "lipstick").

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Only half to go...

Only half the final border to go on the Lizzie Mae medallion quilt. The top and bottom are added, and the half-square triangle units for the left and right are all made. Just waiting to be joined.
Why isn't it finished? I realised I wouldn't get it finished in time to give to Mum today, so I went outside into the sun instead. Glorious sun!! Shining after ALL the rain. What a long Winter it has seemed.

The Rural Jardin fat quarter quilt top is finished, and the back is also pieced with label attached ready for Mum to quilt. :) Thanks Mum!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I can justify almost anything...

Some borders on the Rural Jardin quilt... I plan to scallop the edges of the quilt. I have added a wide "plain" border especially to be cut back. I really like the solid blue band dividing the quilt centre and the first borders. I will use the blue again for binding.

I really fancy starting my saree fabric quilt after I get these borders on and the back pieced out of leftover backing fabrics (hopefully, this quilt and backing will be ready to give to Mum on Tuesday for quilting - if she is not still flooded in).

I would also like to add the last border to Lizzie Mae's Medallion, but that's "following instruction" stuff when I don't feel so creative. I think if I feel like creating, I should follow that and work on the saree quilt. Don't you think so? Hee hee. I can justify almost anything, even starting a new quilt!!

Besides that, creating will take my mind off my sister in Christchurch, NZ - where earthquakes have damaged sewage and buildings. Her house is okay. She's well, her partner is well, and the dog is not so scared anymore. Big changes around there at the moment though.

Friday, 3 September 2010

I thought I'd better....

I had a little fabric acquisition....and thought I had better get moving on some UFOs... I stitched the Rural Jardin 12FQ blocks together into the centre of a quilt top. It still needs borders.Look what I bought so far!!

I say so far, because I am going to add to this stash of Kashmir V fabrics. These 2 prints will be used in a bag.

This jelly roll and metreage might be used in the same quilt. I might use the green on some timber screens.

I am going to have a play with the fabric very soon... just like I did with the Samsara quilt.
I don't know how this happens really... I think to myself, I'll just work on some things from home, then there is a range like this.
Oh well, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity isn't it?

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Now there are six.

This is the latest addition to my miniature quilt top collection.

Birds In The Air - made with 1800s reproduction fabrics. Measuring approx 16in x 20in. The yellow border is quite lairy, I think it will need a brown binding.

Now there are six little quilt tops waiting to be quilted. I said it before, and I will say it again. I plan to finish all the nine little quilt tops, then work out backings and bindings from the leftover bits of 45 fat quarters.... It's a self-challenge thing.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Gathering the Geese Around Me

I can just hear the noisy squawks of the geese gathering around me.

These are the last half square units. YAY!!!Actually, I did have to make one more.

This is the layout. I have used very dark fabrics for the background of the geese sections, and bright colours for the large triangles.

The yellow border is going to add a warm glow to the little quilt. These units seemed to go together rather quickly - perhaps it is because there are 24 large triangles (they don't need piecing at all!!).

I needed a fairly quick mini quilt. I still have one to catch up on - have you noticed I have not made one each month?