Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Gee, thanks.

Gee, thanks for all the reponses to my last 2 posts (Barns and Lizzie Mae's Medallion).

You inspired me to keep working on the Barns (that, and of course, now I have some more colours for machine appliqueing). It does become tedious though. I have spent about six hours sewing the blocks over the last week, and one cannot see a lot of difference in them. Yet.
Of course, I have a little update on my cross-stitch Christmas decorations...

I wasn't even going to stitch the curly one. However, I started it, and really liked it. It took longer than "Noel"... There are four decorations in the set, perhaps I will make one of each.
Should I make an entire set for me, and a set for my sister? I think they would suit the European (read: Swedish) Christmas decorations she puts out each year.
Oh well, it's something to pick up isn't it?

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