Monday, 13 September 2010

Piecemakers Barns - an UFO

Last night I dug out this UFO. I haven't worked on it for at least 5 years.... This is one block - the top block is my favourite. I plan to use it int he centre of the quilt.
This is the original quilt design - Piecemakers release a quilt calendar with patterns each year. The theme of the 2003 quilt is barns. I plan to make my blocks square, and make log cabin-style sashings around and between the blocks.

I enjoyed collecting the fabrics - this took a couple of years.

I fused all large pieces onto backgrounds before starting any free-motion applique. This means less bobbin-changes. I do all the grey on all blocks, then all the red on all blocks and so on.

I thought I would do a bit last night, then realised why I had stopped. I don't have the thread colours I need!!
I think I can rectify that now... and get stitching. After all, I only need to buy one colour of thread at a time!! LOL!!


ann said...

oh I love it...but then I am one to leave quilts just sit forever before finishing them too.

Teresa said...

I love your barns!! I have about 20 years worth of those Piecemaker calendar quilts, and the barns were always one of my favorites. I think I was put off by the "stop sign"-shaped block settings. (And I'm usually overwhelmed with too many hand-applique projects!) I love your idea of fusing/machine stitching...I've tried that method before, but I think I wasn't using a good fusable - my edges looked a little threadbare. Yours look awesome! Do you use a shorter machine stitch?

Have you seen the 2011 one? I think it has animals on it. I'm usually a little discouraged by the ribbon embroidery they use to embellish, as I don't know how to do that...I have to remember that I'm usually "Little Miss Change-the-pattern" and that I don't have to finish the blocks their way. I love your idea of making the barn blocks into squares!

You are inspiring me to give the barn calendar another Dad's 80th birthday is coming up. I might at least experiment with your method to try and make the barns/structures on his homestead into quilt blocks.

Thank you, thank you!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Paula said...

This is absolutely stunning. I have to have a look at these calenders - do they really come with patterns? I must go and google this. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your work.

ann'squiltingjourney ~ said...

Hello Lorraine, your barn blocks are absolutely gorgeous! Well done! Kind regards, Ann

Betweens said...

your blocks look lovely sometimes the quilt has to be put away to love all over again like when you first saw the pattern..(BTW it is also one of my collector patterns I will be doing)
I will enjoy your journey it is so wonderful to see someone working on such a great pattern...
oh another collection.. thread..LOL