Saturday, 26 August 2017

Quilt till you wilt

I am really enjoying the process of creating the green dreamcatcher quilt.

Now that I've quilted in the dreamcatcher, I don't really want to cover the feathers with fabric as was the original plan... this project has a mind of its own!

While it chooses what to do next, I made the Tea Rose apron with adjustable straps, so that Mummy's and their Mini Mes could both have a turn!

Mini Me!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Oils and Toils

Such a simple quilt background took no time to piece together. So, it's basted and I've drawn a picture ready to quilt it in...

And I've finished the OUTSIDE of an essential oil carrier bag.

Still need to make the inserts, as you can see the bottles come in a plethora or size and shapes!

It took a bit of time to work out my own pattern, but I am pretty happy with the concept.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Just Breathe

Perhaps as a reminder to myself, I made this bag set I call "Just Breathe".

I even love the lining fabric....

I love a bit of easy stitching to make me feel good. And it's all about feeling good isn't it?

And while I feel good, I have a good feeling to start another small quilt.

A pieced background with something special in the quilting and 3-dimensional applique.

Let's see what happens with it!

Friday, 18 August 2017

In the zone

It's Wednesday. My new design is ready: the first rainbow unicorn quilt in the "magical and mythical" series has been appliqued, pieced, and basted into a quilt sandwich.

Time to quilt it.

Made using Kaffe Fasset Collective fabrics and Fairy Frost, it glitters and glows.

The rainbow stripes are added in the correct order.... and it is exciting to sew!

Feeling totally in the zone.... today I also started tracing off the applique pieces for the borders of Diamond Hill. There's not really that much to go - the quilt is about 3/4 made. Christmas in July has passed, and costumes in August has also passed... let's get back to Esther's two quilts.. BECAUSE...

yesterday she released another new FREE BOM pattern!! Ohhhh my goodness!! EEEEEEEEE.

And so I am wanting to finish Diamond Hill very quickly now, so that I can start the new wallhanging. I see it in Kaffe Fasset fabrics... adding colour and coolness.... Yes... very exciting.

Enjoy your stitching everyone! See you at Esther's blog, getting the next free pattern!

Ok.. now it's Friday, and the quilt is finished and bound!


I JUST LOVE this quilt. I am excited to make more in this theme.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Four more

Incredible! I'm not really sure how I did it, But they are done! The bellydance costumes for this year's concert are finished. And that is a relief.

This is a bra I covered in a high end dress fabric. The "Princess Jasmine" sleeves were added following a tutorial on Sparkly Belly. I love that the turquoise colour adds brightness to an otherwise drab costume of bronze/brown/gold.

Then I made up this matching belt, and stitched another hand me down necklace onto it for tinkle and jingle during the Drum Circle dance. Also hanging from the belt is part of the dream catcher, and more feathers are in the hair. This is a tribal inspired bra and belt. I feel so comfortable in this outfit.

I will be excited to post photos later, of the costumes while I am wearing them.

Over the weekend another TWO little doll/teddy sleeping bags were finished (they just had a bit of binding to hand stitch down).

And feeling all inspired on Saturday morning after finishing the costumes, I went a bit crazy and designed a new quilt, then went to buy the fabric for it!

Um... ok... yes... it is now started. !!!! I think it is going to be one in a series following a "mythical and magical" theme....

You just can't keep a sewing girl down!

And to keep in the flow of the new little quilt currently forming, I am hoping to have the top pieced, and the back pieced ready to sandwich together on Wednesday at social sewing group.

Thank goodness for this blog, my quilting journal, or I would never be able to keep track of all these finished items.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tambourine Tangerine

You guessed it! There's a hole in my finger! All this hand stitching on bellydance costumes!

This was a pink bra. Er.... well, it still is... But, it was a pink bra, and an orange belt. The belt was about a size 8... and I am about size 12-14... what to do with it? Aha! The belt has been stitched onto the bra, extra sequins added, and it's ready to go with the 25 yard full skirt in pink and orange ready for the tambourine dance.

Okay... now I have decided to start another new costume instead of wearing something I had... Eek! This really does sound like me... hahahahaha.... nothing like an outfit at the last minute!

Making the new costume consists of rustling up bits and pieces that I have already, including a $1 scarf from ebay, a dream catcher, a $7 bra from kmart, a hand me down necklace and some gorgeous bronze fabric.... I think I will make up a belt too.

For this one I have chosen a more tribal theme.. adding the turquoise feathers and fabric to brighten up the bronze/brown.

My dear Mother In Law just stitched me a bronze/brown satin skirt (she has made about 100 of them, and they are very fast for her... bless her!!)... Ok... I have only a few days.... Cheer me on!

Oh! And I made this patchworked teddy/doll sleeping bag....

Ouch! Hand stitching binding! My fingers!! We ARE suckers for our craft!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Two disco balls

I really have no idea where the weekend went... I think that's life when you are celebrating being a Family!

there at dawn... the first ones there...

warning!! gratituous shots of the warm weather at our local beach

Not much stitching to show after intensive family time... but I do have these to show you which have been progressing for a few days..
little 30s hexies

Little hexagons made with fabric leftover from the quilt I made for my expected bub while pregnant (He is almost two!!)... I have a few ideas for what do make with these little sweethearts... Any suggestions?

And from Friday Night With Friends stitch-in at home, I finished sewing the sequined fabric onto this bra ready for the bellydance concert in a few weeks.

the black velvet was already covered in stitched sequins, this was an easy one!

Some bellydance bras get a lot of embellishment... but this one is like a disco ball already... well... when I wear it, it's kind of like 2 disco balls. Hahahahahahahah! Oh! I think I'm funny... it's lovely to be in a bellydance troupe... It's my time to be a woman. I am grateful for my friends, the exercise, and the inspiration to work on more costumes!

Hmm.... I think this week will be dedicated to working on costumes. The dress rehearsal is on Sunday, and we need to be in all our costumes by then. Eek!