Friday, April 24, 2015

Frantically busy happy

Oh my! It's been a frantic couple of days. The borders are on Colour Me Happy... and I think it's delightful!

It takes 5 days by post for the quilt top to reach Mum interstate. I think this will be the only one I will be able send before she leaves home in 11 days. Else I only have 3 days to finish both sides of the horsey quilt, and they are not even cut out yet, and I will be away for 2 of those days. I found this delicious batik wideback, and have machine stitched the label on, so that it is quilted right through.

And so, reluctantly, I have decided that the children will have their quilts (including the monster quilt) when we move into the new home, which should be just before Christmas.

Two pieced blocks for the horsey quilt - I've been able to use the leftover backing above in the centre of these blocks. I like it very much!

Ahhhhh. I feel a weight off my shoulders, and much more enjoyment to come from my sewing.

Tomorrow I hand sew the binding onto Pink Bananas, and give it away the following day.

What's next?
1. Cutting and piecing the front of the horsey quilt, then the back
2. Cutting out a Double Wedding Ring using my friend's accuquilt Go! (oh so exciting!) for my sister's belated wedding present
3. Make a baby quilt for my sister
4. Make travel change mats: one for my sister, one for me
5. Work on the Lucky Ducky baby quilt for my baby
6. Add binding to any quilts Mum is bringing up for me that she has quilted
7. Cot bumpers for my baby's cot
8. More baby sewing for my baby (nesting, nesting, nesting)
9. Sew a tee-pee cubby for the children as a gift from the baby
10. Finish the crocheted blankets.
11. Work on UFOs Mum will bring up for me

I'm excited!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Horsing around

The centre blocks of Colour Me Happy are assembled. Tomorrow I will be at a friend's house to cut my way into a fabric frenzy once again. Borders are to be measured and cut.
Its turned out to be a really good size. It covers the centre of the queen bed, and with borders will hang down. I think I have enough fabric to make pillow cases which would be nice. Note to self: check if the pillows are standard size on their bed.
 And I've finally figured out how to cut out and put together the front of the horsey quilt.
 Here are the next 3 blocks giving a total of 8 blocks, which is all I need, interspersed with pieced blocks.
 I've started another block and will turn it into a pillow case.
Tomorrow, I cut pieces for the blocks. Oh my! I've got to get these quilts to Mum pretty fast!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Do Not Disturb

Today I had a date with the sewing machine, and back to back episodes of Time Team.

I also had a lock-in. After spotting a very large brown snake in the outdoor bathroom, I locked myself inside and sewed with the TV turned up very loud indeed! What a productive day!

Monday, April 20, 2015


There's definitely a twist to this Pink Bananas quilt. A couple of little four patches are twisted right in the centre. Surely it wasn't anything to do with the Games of Thrones episodes I was watching (ooh, those Dathraki)....

Not to mind as I've got it quilted in a grid pattern -  finished in time to trim and bind before gifting it this weekend at the Christening.
The back is very different to the front. I hope that as Caitlin grows older she will be able to choose which side she is in the mood for.

I'm quite excited, because with this almost finished I can start the Anniversary quilt "Colour Me Happy: for my new mother in law.

Here are all the pieces cut out ready to go tomorrow.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pink Bananas with a twist

The top of the four patch is complete.... and there is a twist - can you see the block that rotated itself? Whoops! I am going to leave it. It reminds me of so many antique quilts I studied during Quilt History lessons. Next job to spray baste, and machine quilt.

One week from today the quilt will be with it's new owner. Wish me luck!
And this is my first home made cheese: whole milk ricotta. Served with balsamic glaze, home made pesto, sour dough bread, olives and tomatoes, Mmmmmpf *mouth is full*

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sort of, bananas

So, you might have noticed I'd been a bit quiet on the blogging front for a couple of years. And during that time I moved interstate, and completely transformed my life.

So, now that I am settled in my new home town, I am excited to announce the finding of my new LQS! It would be a delight if I could work there sometime... you never know!

I did take time out on my own today for a few hours, and enjoyed the solace of choosing fabrics, from a range I love at excellent prices. I think they've made a friend in me!

I've kind of put myself under the pump a bit. Last week I realised we had been invited to the Christening of my Sweetheart's niece, well our niece of course. And they've got everything that opens and shuts... but I am not sure whether they have a baby quilt. The Christening is less than two weeks away. So I've chosen a pretty easy idea of an Irish Chain using these pretty monkey fabrics. Why haven't I started it yet? I don't yet have my rotary cutter, rulers and mats in this state. I've made a new sewing buddy and I am going to her place tomorrow to use hers. I am going to cut and sew as much as I possibly can!
I've chosen Emma Louise vanilla quilters muslin to go with it.
Then I saw this beautiful piece of multi colour batik. One metre for $10 (half price). So I bought it for the back, along with two other pieces I shall splice in.

Adding to that, I bought some yellow Shadowplay to go with this little 1930s jelly roll to make a baby quilt (Irish Chain again I think) for me. Yes. I am having my own baby. And it's exciting to be sewing for me. I am trying to make sure I sew for our two little babes before I sew for the baby to be sure they feel included. I don't mind if there are flowers in the quilt, even though we don't know if we are having a boy or girl (we love surprises!) And the little duckies for the back.

While in the quilt shop I saw this gorgeous layer cake "color me happy". Aha! That will be perfect for my new mother in law. She was looking at buying a cheap foreign made "quilt" recently, and I said "Noooo. I will make you one." I thought I'd make the Persian Tiles quilt I've made several times. I love it, and it showcases the fabrics.
Alas, there was no matching jelly roll. So I calculated how many fabrics I'd need and found 16 different ones. I love the busy effect when they splash together.
This is for the border and binding. Ooh. My fingers are itching!
So, you see, I have put myself quite under the pump. Mum is coming here in 3 weeks. If I can get the Christening quilt finished within a week I will be pretty happy with that. In the meantime I need to work on the horses quilt, and I would love to get Color Me Happy made and posted to Mum for quilting so she can bring them up with her... Plus, I'd love to finish a baby quilt for my sister who is also expecting her first baby.

Hmm... I am going to be sewing my heart out for the next couple of weeks.

See you when I am on the other side!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Whimsical, fun and bright - horsies!

I've been going like the clappers on the double sided horsey quilt in the hope that I can finish it and post it to Mum for quilting before she travels 3,000km to visit me... Otherwise it will be a few months before Mum is home again and can quilt it.

We shall see what I can do... in the last few days I found some horse colouring pictures on the internet and have traced out a few and turned them into blocks. I bought these gorgeous Gutermann Sulky variegated threads to stitch the horses on, but after cutting them out I can see with vivid Kaffe fabrics the outlines will need more definition.

 I have chosen colours to give a whimsical fun air, bright and lavish.
 This is for one side of the horsey quilt.
 I've now stitched 5 horse blocks. I am not sure what size I will trim them to yet. I will wait and see how many I make.
 The black free machine applique has certainly helped to define the outlines of the horses.
 I have another 7 horse pictures. Let's see how many more I can cut out, fuse and stitch on in the next few days.
I am feeling excited!