Friday, 6 March 2009

Paris holiday?

I have finished the quilting on my "Paris holiday" quilt. I remembered to put the label on before I quilted it, so I have quilted right through the label - that's pretty secure. It will be hard to remove proof that I made this quilt without destroying it.

I am hand-stitching the binding down now, then I have the rest of the hanging sleeve to stitch (yes! I remembered that too!!).

I have made a trial flower for the swirling border, and I love it, so I have more of those to make before it's finished. I would love to have it finished by Sunday. What is it now? Oh yeah, Friday!! LOL!!

Ooh, I hope I finish it by then.


Thearica said...

I just found your blog via QuilterBlogs...I love this whimsical quilt!! I have to look for the panel and make this one for my granddaughter!

I have you on my sidebar now so I can stay in touch as you share your quilting endeavors along the way!

Great blog!

Unknown said...

Love your Quilt...Very Girlie..!!!

Magguns said...

What a cute quilt! It's so great to have a visual log of everything we've created, aren't blogs great? You accomplished so much in 2008, your an inspiration to me.

Quilty Cat said...

Quilt looked great hanging in the shop today. Carmel

Ann Ferguson said...

Very cute Eiffel Tower Fabric, and the flowers are nice.

Mary said...

What a great use of that fabric! You really highlighted it and took it up a level!

Unknown said...

Lorraine you've done a gorgeous job on this quilt. I cannot wait to get stuck into mine; I've designed mine - a bit simpler than yours - but exciting nontheless!The flowers around the top/ side look fantastic!
Gr8 blog!