Monday, 15 December 2008

Addicted to these things...

These are worse than chocolate!! Alright, not that bad - they are not fattening after all.

I made some more book covers for gifts. Four from the same fabric.

My DH looked at them and said "I didn't think this kind of fabric was your bag". I said that it would be hard to make a quilt out of, but it's good for these. Plus, I bought the fabric on sale a year ago and hadn't found anything else in particular to use it for. To this, he nodded agreeably.

I used different kinds of ric-rac. The pink ric-rac is pretty swish!

I know just who to give these to!!

Look at this stack! What was I thinking?? LOL!!

I already gave one of the oriental ones away!!!


Deep Creek Quilter said...

Yes and it is very much appreciated.They are a great size and look fabulous.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

How neat, i love them

Andrea said...

They are just gorgeous! I love them. Hugs, Andrea

Janet said...

I'm loving the book covers, I'm going to make some next year, great gift idea and your fabric choices look really good.
I've seen your quilt in the DUQ magazine, congratulations.