Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Grassy Christmas to you...

Guess what Annette brought to quilting last night for me? A child's wooden coat hanger! Thanks Annette! She reckons it must be leftover from her childhood. (How precious!!).

We don't have our Christmas tree up yet.... but... I can't wait!! We will put it up on the weekend.

We have to get all our grass mowed and whipper-snipped before Friday or the council will send someone to do it and make us pay for the service. It's a fire prevention thing, but it's such a big job! (2.5 acres of "garden"). It looks like our Tree will go up after that.

Here is a start to our decorations. This isn't going to stay here - I just have a book and camera weighting it down at the ends. LOL!!

This decoration is made from raffle blocks I won a couple of years ago at our local group. I turned each one into a mini-quilt with ribbon sticking out of the binding, and joined them into a swag. I think I will hang it in the hallway.

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Made by Andrea said...

What a great idea with the raffle blocks! I have some hanging around somewhere, now you have given me the answer to my question of what to do with them. Well done! hugs, Andrea