Thursday, 30 July 2009

Baltimore blooms

Yes, I am still working on this bloomin' Baltimore...

This block needs some embroidery for stems added later. I am trying to work on the applique while I really feel like it. (Sometimes that urge disappears for some reason...of course we all know why don't we?) Here are those flowers close-up that took over 2 hours each. I improved as I went along, the yellow one is definitely my favourite, it's just as well it has the prime position front and centre.

Next I want to do another block with 3-dimensional flowers - these ones are a mixture of yo-yos and embroidery.
I will let you know how I progress.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

1950s comes around again...

Everything comes around again... and I am back into my 1950s quilt. I have trimmed down all the blocks, and I am adding borders. My next task is to work out what size to cut the fabric to go between the blocks.

The flower ruching on the Baltimore blocks is very time consuming. It takes me 2 hours to hand-ruche one flower, then it needs to be tacked on, then appliqued onto the background. There are 4 flowers on the block. I will keep it as evening handwork. I should have known there would be a catch to finishing the leaves and vase so quickly!!
I am keeping on track... and feeling good!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

I am loving applique...

Here is my latest block for my Baltimore Album quilt. It took me an hour just to do this little bit of rucheing and tack down a little bit of one flower. I have 3 other ruched flowers to make!! The fabric I chose for the vase looks perfect to me - it has the vintage look of Prussian blue that can't be duplicated accurately these days (now that the carcinogenic dyeing practises have been outlawed).
I really like the teal leaves. I bought an applique pattern at the Show, (show you later,) and I plan to sew all the leaves in shades of reproduction teal.
So, as I am in applique mood I photographed applique quilts made by a group of ladies. They all have similar features, but all are unique.

I hope you are feeling inspired...

Isn't it amazing how different they look with the makers' chosen colour schemes?

The black is striking, but it's not a plan of mine to use black backgrounds.

Vintage, but pretty, is this my favourite colour scheme??

The backgrounds make this quilt look modern and funky.

Friday, 24 July 2009


Last time I posted I thought I might start something else, but I am so inspired to finish a few things there is no chance!! (YET!!)

I am posting pictures of a few quilts that caught my eye in the Vic Quilter's Showcase. I thought to myselt "if it inspires me, maybe it will inspire you too".

These are miniatures:

See the pin in the corner indicating scale?

And here is my finished quilt: the Quilt Aid quilt was hanging in Vic Quilter's Showcase with the Charity Quilts.

Now that I have sewn the border on the Surfy quilt and pieced the backing my list of 5 needs revamping.

1. Baltimore album (today I prepared some strips to make ruched flowers)

2. Dollhouse BOM

3. 1950s quilt - I think it's time to design the quilt now that all pictures have been stitched for a few months...

4. Jo's Little Women baskets quilt

5. Work on designs for one of my own quilts: "Ginger".

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Back to the Baltimore...

Annie tells me I started the ladies in our group off on making a Baltimore Album quilt in 2004... so this has only been going for 5 years!! LOL!!

"Things", or should I say "things with deadlines" keep popping up.. you know, my sisters 30th birthday quilt in time for her 31st birthday.... that kind of stuff!! LOL!!

This is the lovebirds block I appliqued this week. Now it needs embroideryand washing to remove the guidelines.

I started another block too - it's a vase of 3-D flowers.

Okay.. here is my list of 5 to work on: (I hope it helps me not to get sidetracked!!)
1. Surfy quilt (still just needs the second border)2. Baltimore album
3. dollhouse BOM - I need to keep machine blanket-stitching, then embroidery features on faces etc.
4. Little Tailfeather stitchery quilt (I still haven't photographed this one, but I am nearly finished all the stitcheries!)
5. Erm.... I will let you know.. what a luxury! I guess that sometimes starting a new Baltimore block feels like starting something new...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Now I can start something new!!

I finished the Little Patchwork Village Quilt about 3 weeks ago.

Here it is hanging onthe wall!! I hadn't photographed it to show you yet as it wasn't hanging, and it's been too dark and windy to hang the quilt on the clothes line for one of "those" types of pics.

Oh yes, I enjoyed making this one... nice handwork for carrying around, then simple piecing for the stars.
So, now that I finished something, have I started something new? Not yet... although I want to!! LOL!!
I dug out my Baltimore blocks and will show you some applique next time...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Easy as Cherry Pie...

I started this quilt in August 2008. Do you remember the fabrics?

Mum quilted it for me last month... and now, I've added a binding with a difference.

Here is a word of warning for anyone wanting to put ric-rac in their quilts. Long-arm quilting machines do NOT like it!! Mum had to quilt around it.... Sorry Mum!!

I used a pre-made ruffle for the "binding". All you have to do is trim your quilt, then "insert" the quilt edge between the two layers above the ruffles. I used a twin-needle to attach this edging, which makes a zig-zag at the back, so it should be strong.

I am really pleased to have a finish to add to this year's list!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I need more room/s

Here we go!! More rooms from the dollhouse quilt.

I have been steadily machine blanket-stitching all the pieces on, and I still have some embroidery to add to faces, the washing line, or pictures hanging on the wall.I was lying in a hot bath last night looking around my bathroom... boy do I wish mine looked as fresh and nice as the one in this quilt!! But, you will have to wait to see it later!!

Okay.. here is my list of 5 to work on: (I hope it helps me not to get sidetracked!!)
1. dollhouse BOM
2. hanging sleeve onto QuiltAid quilt
4. Little Tailfeather stitchery quilt (you don't even know about this one!! but I am nearly finished all the stitcheries!)
5. Surfy quilt (just needs the second border)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Quiltaid binding

Here is my quiltaid quilt ready to bind. This is my binding tin. It has everything in it all ready to go. I love adding the binding, it's nearly a finish!!

Inside the tin I keep sharp scissors for thread, binding clips, a permanent pen to write on the label, a pin-cushion, needles and I usually carry the desired colour of thread on a bobbin unless I have a small reel of that colour.

Actually, I'm behind with my blog posts, the binding is on, but I forgot a hanging sleeve. Once I hang it I will give a photo update.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Surf update

And now for an update on my surfy quilt... Just 2 borders to go... I will try and finish them tonight so that I can give the quilt top to Mum tomorrow.

I think I would like large hibiscuses quilted all over it. What do you think?