Thursday, 23 July 2009

Back to the Baltimore...

Annie tells me I started the ladies in our group off on making a Baltimore Album quilt in 2004... so this has only been going for 5 years!! LOL!!

"Things", or should I say "things with deadlines" keep popping up.. you know, my sisters 30th birthday quilt in time for her 31st birthday.... that kind of stuff!! LOL!!

This is the lovebirds block I appliqued this week. Now it needs embroideryand washing to remove the guidelines.

I started another block too - it's a vase of 3-D flowers.

Okay.. here is my list of 5 to work on: (I hope it helps me not to get sidetracked!!)
1. Surfy quilt (still just needs the second border)2. Baltimore album
3. dollhouse BOM - I need to keep machine blanket-stitching, then embroidery features on faces etc.
4. Little Tailfeather stitchery quilt (I still haven't photographed this one, but I am nearly finished all the stitcheries!)
5. Erm.... I will let you know.. what a luxury! I guess that sometimes starting a new Baltimore block feels like starting something new...

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