Monday, 8 December 2008

Suffolk Puffs or Yo-Yos?

Whatever you like to call them (Suffolk Puffs or Yo-Yos), I have finished the Christmas Cookie bag. That's the only thing I finished off my weekend list!! ... the list I shared with my quilting diary anyway...

On the quilting side of things I dug out my box of "Oriental" fabrics. It's amazing what I had stuck in there. You know, not many of the fabrics actually go together. Some are like this:

and others are bright purple with Japanese ladies on them. I must have bought the bright ones cheap sometime and forgot about them!!!

Here's what I was doing with them:

Can you guess what it is?

I knew you would work it out!!

This is fun, I love small projects for fast finishes!!

I am having fun picking out co-ordinating fabrics!!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like the book cover, I don't know why I have never made one - I read so much! I should have one by now - might have to look for a pattern for it.

Karen said...

The book cover looks great! That gets me thinking about my Asian fabrics. What to make, what to make. :)