Thursday, 25 August 2016

Black and Red Tassels belly dance bra

And I just managed to squeeze in another piece for a dance costume for the concert!

Finished at the last minute, I had been looking for the right tassels, and I am glad I waited.

They turned out a treat. Two rows of tassels, with black sequins stitched over where they were attached.  These give a lovely swishing feeling, and allow some of the lovely bra to show through the fringe.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Yellow Tabla belly dance bra

I have just realised it's starting to get close to our dance concert night this month, and I am looking at the costume lists, mentally assessing what to wear for each dance.

Thank goodness I only need to have costumes for 5 dances. Some of the women are in about 15 dances. That is a LOT of costume changing!

Still, I needed to make a yellow bra for the Table dance. The costume must be yellow and black, so I wanted to keep the bra looking fresh, as I have a black lace bolero and layers of black and yellow skirts to wear together.

The result is a very subdued bra in soft yellow, with a beaded fringe (I think it's supposed to be for upholstery, but nobody would know). The sequins are stitched on symmetrically.

Reminder to self next time adding fringeing: stretch out the base of the bra while stitching it on.

 Ouch. it's a little bit tight.