Thursday, 31 July 2008

The soothing of the stitch

I am still justifying starting a new project. I am looking back at all I have achieved so far this year.

January 2006 (2 1/2 years ago) my DH and I went to India for our first overseas holiday. I took stitcheries with me. Some were in green (Bronwyn Hayes patterns) and some were in red (I think it was Raggedy Angels or something like that). One colour stitcheries are more fluid. No changing colour. This way I could take something to work on without needing a lot of brain power.

The soothing of the stitch was embraced and I finished the stitcheries in India.

It took me until about May this year to finish the quilts. Mum quilted them in allover designs. The green one has frogs leaping here and there... the red and blue one has kites dancing over it.

I love them, and so do my friends little girls. I neglected to give them quilts when they were born, so now they finally have them! Two more finished objects!!

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