Wednesday, 30 July 2008


As I lay on my sick bed most of the day yesterday... I tossed and turned with quilt projects in my head.

Perhaps I need to list my UFOs and WIPs (I haven't done this before, it sounds scary). I really want to start something new to work on by hand, but I've got a rule - I need to finish something before I start something new. That way, no matter how many projects are on the go at once, their number do not increase.

With my brain in a fuzzy fashion, I just want something to work on that will not require an awful lot of brain power. All the projects I can think of are machine, machine, machine. I am not in any fit state to cut fabric either.... so what to do? I find myself sitting in one place looking around the room for inspiration or a reason to say "Oh yeah" that's what I wanted to do, then settle down with it.

Right, I need a list of what I have achieved this year (I need to build up my self esteem and justify starting a new project) - and perhaps a list of what I want to work on.. and maybe an incomplete list of UFOs. After all, don't they get put away and forgotten about? Maybe UFO stands for "Unfinished Forgotten Objects".

A little later... alright! I justified starting a new LITTLE project. Look I have done 1/5 of it already!

And here's a photo of what it will look like finished - it's an Australian pattern "The Night Before" by Cinderberry Stitches.

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