Monday, 28 July 2008

VicQuilters Showcase of quilts - Melbourne

Yesterday Rosie and I went in to the VicQuilters Showcase in Melbourne. Ah, heavenly exhibition with lots of opportunities to peruse wares and purchase goodies (which we did...). We unexpectedly (well... sort of... ) ran into a lot of our friends!

For us, one highlight of the exhibition was the featured work of the Kilmore Kwilters (a few of our friends are members). Their challenge each month was to finish 6 blocks from the book "Nearly Insane" by Liz Lois or give a block of chocolate to the other "Salinda Girls". Over a period of 1.5 - 2 years a total of 14 quilts were created!! Wow!!!

We are particularly proud of our dear friend Andrea who lived in Germany for most of the duration of the Challenge - but that didn't stop her (although she had to send a block of chocolate over once!!). Andrea purchased all her fabrics before she temporarily migrated. This is her quilt.

I have uploaded a slideshow of each Salinda Rupp quilt with closeups. Click on any picture to freeze the slideshow or have a closer look. The different colour schemes really look wonderful. Thank you to all quilt makers for inspiring us.

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