Tuesday, 16 September 2008

20 finished projects for 2008

I really can't believe I am up to 20 finished projects for 2008. What a finishing off year it has been! I can't pretend that most of it isn't due to Mum getting her longarm quilting machine last year. This year she has quilted 11 of my large quilt tops (Jane Austen quilt, 2007 Mystery Seasons quilt, Vintage Log Cabin quilt, Kaffe and Liberty United, Luxembourg, Libby's 30th birthday quilt, Toybox baby quilt, Love Is stitchery quilt, 2 one colour stitchery quilts, ). They were stacking up a little, so it is quite a relief.

Mum also has 4 other large tops that need to take their turn on the machine: Monsters applique, Joy Of Life applique, Eureka Chain and my vintage-look Dear Jane. I also have the red, white, yellow cherries quilt to pass on!!

Here is a finish for 2008 you haven't seen before. Flowers From My Garden designed by Lori Smith ( I loooove her patterns).

Whoops! There it goes!

I promise I don't have any other quilts I finished this year waiting for a sunny day on the clothesline.

Amongst working and having a life, it took about one week to applique each block. 16 blocks? That's 4 months of applique!!

Mum outlined each applique and quilted leaves along the sashing, a rose in the cornerstones and a lovely border treatment - lots of swirls. I am so spoilt!!

No-one else in the family quilts, so I am very lucky. Mum says I will get her Statler Gammill in the will! I reckon it will be worn out by that time!!! LOL!!!


Karen said...

Beautiful quilt. I hear you about appliqueing for four months. But, look how wonderful. Worth every stitch.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thank you Karen! You are so encouraging! :)

Lisa said...

Oh, wow! This quilt is beautiful! It would have taken me 4 YEARS to do all that applique!
(As you can tell, I'm jumping around your blog looking at all your pretty quilts. You are a great quilter, and also LUCKY to get your mom to quilt them for you! I wonder if I could talk my mom into that... )