Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Floral inspiration

Last weekend Rosie and I went to a small town local Spring fair. The town has a primary school - I think there are about 3 classrooms, and one very old schoolhouse (not sure, maybe used for assemblies now?)

The fair consisted of car boot and market stalls, decorated cupcakes in aide of the school, footy showbags. I had a hamburger with coleslaw for lunch, and Rosie ate spit roast pork with apple sauce and coleslaw. Then, we ate devonshire tea! Yum!

We saw the cutest little displays in the old schoolroom. Competitions for best bunch of silverbeet, painted drawing (in age groups), PET creatures, miniature gardens in a box, 6 brushed eggs, sponge, biscuits, jam... This year the craft featured was quilts - cot size or smaller. A friend of mine always asks around for display items for the fair, so I put in 5 small quilts (I didn't realise I had so many small ones, I must make a list!) just to bulk out the look of the thing. There were 8 entries in total. LOL!!

My favourite part was the flower arrangements, and in particular the daffodils which are all in bloom at the moment. There were white and pink daffodils, white and white daffodils, varying sizes and shapes of trumpets.

How inspiring! Two whole walls of blooms in green glass bottles, catching the light.

Still plodding away at the Noddy quilt. Not much to show at the moment, although the characters are no longer floating in the air.

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