Monday, 8 September 2008

Finished quilts take up more space than UFOs

I added a bit of the border treatment onto the Moustache (??) quilt yesterday. It took an awful long time to do what really doesn't look like much. There are still more borders to come...

While I was sewing away inside, the sky alternated between dropping hail and brusque showers, leaning on my washing until it drooped heavily on the clothesline.
I finished one audio book "The Third Day The Frost" by John Marsden (the 3rd book in a series of about 10 books), and listened to half of "Cross Bones" by Kathy Reichs. It's great exercise for the brain while I sew and cut, but not while I calculate measurements (that's when I pause the sound).
I hope to pick up the 4th audio book from the library tomorrow.
I really love how good the Noddy blocks look on the computer screen in yesterday's post. It was worth posting them, I feel inspired! It's nice to alternate between my vintage/traditional quilts with something a bit whimsy! If ..... No, not if, but when I finish the UFOs I have listed, I will have an AWFUL lot of quilts!! I couldn't dream of giving away the Noddy quilt or the Moustache quilt at the moment... But, I do plan on giving a large quilt I made in 2000 or 2001 for a Christmas present. I need more space in the house! Finished quilts have batting in them, so they take up more room than UFOs and PIGs.

I noticed something about the purple sashing fabric yesterday - it is exactly the same print I used in the Luxembourg sashing, but a very different colour. I don't think I have that print in any other colours.. LOL!!! Funny how I didn't notice it before.


Sharyn said...

Make your quilts reversible. Half the cost of batting, half the storage space, and half the cost of long arming if you send them all out. All my quilts are double sided, I just choose a simpler top for the back and let the quilting fall where it may. Many times the simpler side is stunning on the bed because you can really see the light and shadow play of the quilting.

The mustache quilts is lovely, I always appreciate a design that draws my eye across the surface.

Bizarre Quilter said...

What a great idea!! Double sided!

Only, this one is so big!! Maybe I can use some UFO blocks or pieces for the back though!!

Thank you.

Numismatist Facts said...

Last year I was very successful at finishing UFOs. When I started the year they were all neatly stacked in a glass cabinet and looked so colorful and pretty. (Also deceiving as to the number of them.) Now there are stacks of pillowcases filled with finished quilts filling up the closets and guest room, even after giving many away.

Are you in the UFO Challenge? I haven't been keeping track this year since I'm not participating.