Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Here are the next four blocks, that makes fifty. So, I am past the 7 x 7 arrangement.

Do I want to go up to 8 x 8 and make 64 blocks, or will I go for 7 x 8 for 56 blocks, or 8 x 9 for 72 blocks?

I am going to try a 7 x 8 arrangement, add sashing and fiddle with a border. Hey! That's only 6 more blocks and I already have 2 entire blocks cut out and parts for another 4 blocks cut too....
I want to put more fabrics in the border in some way. I have got so many fabrics that would look splendid with the other Civil War repro beauties! Where did the word "splendid" come from?
Maybe a "moustache" name is wrong for this quilt... what about "Little Miss Splendid"?
Or maybe types of moustaches? I could call this quilt "Handlebar". When I say that out loud it reminds me of the German word "Vundebar!" (Is that how you spell it?).
Handlebars. Not a bad name. Gee! I must be tired. Lucky I'm not sewing right now.


Lyn said...

I like the names Andrea chose, Vintage Chain, sounds good to me.I love the way you chose the colours ,with the visual on your bed.
Thank you for your comment. Regards Lyn

Katie said...

Hi, I love your work and that is why you have been nominated for an award! Check out my blog for the details, and congratulations!

Love the fabrics!