Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hard copy

Last night I finished hand-stitching the binding onto the 2007 Mystery Quilt. I washed it to remove the green marking pen. I cannot find a trace of the green pen. It is sooo brilliant. Some of the pen has been on the fabric for 1 1/2 years. No problem.

I am putting together a pretty good collection of in-progress photos of my quilting journey by making this blog. A lot more photos than I would normally take.

drying on the clothes horse - still very wet

Should I make a hard copy of my blog and the photos too??? What do you do?

I wish I had pre-appliqued the label onto the quilt backing of this quilt. I machine-appliqued a small panel for a label onto the Eureka Chain quilt backing before posting it to Mum for quilting. I must try to remember to do that for all my quilts from now on. It's pretty hard for someone to steal a quilt when the label with the owner's identifying details are embedded in the actual quilting.

OK, not hard to steal, but hard to lose the details of the maker which would ultimately identify the quilt.


Sharyn said...

Wow, even the little bit I can see is gorgeous. I loooovvvveee appliqué! is there a pattern somewhere for this mystery?

Let me know if you mess up in real life, as I'd like to adopt your mum please.
RE: hard copy, I don't know. Nothing on my quilt blog is of world importance but I'd sure hate to loose my Quirkeries blog. I've thought about printing it out a few times but that would be a lot of effort and expense...Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Fey said...

Where does one buy these magical Green pens, Lorraine? I have purple chaco that sort of fades and does wash out, but green IS my favourite colour.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Hi Fay,
From your newsagent: an Artline green (waterbased)fineliner pen. It comes in fine tip and medium. You can buy other colours, but only use the green one on your fabric. Occasionally I have had to wash the fabric a couple of times. They are cheap. A$2.50.