Thursday, 6 May 2010

It was a joint effort.

Before I head off for the weekend, here is my latest finish!!

Andrea and I pieced the blocks, I designed the applique and setting, then finished the quilt top... Mum quilted it. What a wonderful joint effort! (I am still adding it to my list of finished projects!!)

And, here it is finished and bound.
It's so exciting to have a finish!! Especially one this beautiful. *sigh* One of the most satisfying things is to add a finish to my list on the sidebar these days... LOL!!

Click on the link for more info about Pieces Of The Past.


Liz said...

The finished quilt is lovely Lorraine, I really love the colours. Soft pinks, blues and brown, a winning combination!

Teresa Rawson said...

This really turned out lovely...the piecing is interesting, but the applique is really nice! I love those joint working ventures...