Thursday, 27 May 2010

Here come the geese

I did mention I should be working on the 12 Days Of Christmas quilt, but all I have done is applique on the birds!!

There is quite a bit of embroidery to do. However, I have been sidetracked. My Gypsy Girl quilt is back and I am attaching the binding.

I'm also really tired. Maybe it's the onset of Winter? But it has made me want to go to bed earlier of late...

So, this is all the show and tell I have for now.

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Teresa said...

I LOVE this project and always look forward to an updated post about it. Is there another goose somewhere??? Maybe he's in the egg? (I was just singing the song to myself..."six geese-a-laying..."). LOL

Hard to fathom that you are going into winter...I have been out all morning pulling weeds, watering and mulching ahead of the heat of the day. It is supposed to still be spring here, but feels more like summer!