Saturday, 1 May 2010

Too busy to breathe!

Do you ever feel like that? So busy both mentally and physically you forget to breathe? Thank goodness for the subconscious.. in more than ways than one. Firstly, that part of my brain is organising the breathing thing, and then I felt a little stirring in the back of my mind...

After nearly 2 days looking through UFOs at home, and perhaps dabbling in them a little bit, I came back to work and thought... when is the QuiltAid quilt due? What? In only four days!!

So, I got really busy. I had already designed how to put together the 12 blocks, I just had to make it, testing out my pattern as I went.

Here is a rough photo of my quilt top! My DH has taken a good photograph of the quilt and photoshopped the binding on for me (Shhh.. don't tell will you?)

You can win all 13 patterns to make the quilt above by matching the block with the designer at Helen's blog. Click here to enter.
I also managed to squeeze in an entire day at the Australasian Quilter's Convention (ACQ). I met up with lots of friends, and came home so inspired.
In only a week I am going away on retreat for the weekend, so I am going to prepare lots of things to finish while I am away. YAY!!

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