Wednesday, 11 March 2009

On schedule

I am right on schedule with the finishing of my Paris Holiday quilt. I finished it on Sunday night!!

Last Monday was a public holiday here in Victoria. My DH and I went for a drive to the beach... the sea air was refreshing. We have been working 7 days a week since opening our own business.

I had another day off yesterday and went out with my girlfriends. We visited the Couture Exhibition (from the V&A Museum). Oh, it was inspiring. Embroidered clothes and underwear, tiny-stitched gloves, full evening gowns...

I worked on these little civil war hexagons in the car... This is going to be a mini quilt to hang on my little quilt wall.

I wrote this nearly 2 weeks ago and did not post because I can't seem to find my camera... I still haven't found it (I am using my DH's camera and the photos aren't as colour-rich as usual). I have just posted this entry on the 23rd March!!!

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