Sunday, 5 September 2010

I can justify almost anything...

Some borders on the Rural Jardin quilt... I plan to scallop the edges of the quilt. I have added a wide "plain" border especially to be cut back. I really like the solid blue band dividing the quilt centre and the first borders. I will use the blue again for binding.

I really fancy starting my saree fabric quilt after I get these borders on and the back pieced out of leftover backing fabrics (hopefully, this quilt and backing will be ready to give to Mum on Tuesday for quilting - if she is not still flooded in).

I would also like to add the last border to Lizzie Mae's Medallion, but that's "following instruction" stuff when I don't feel so creative. I think if I feel like creating, I should follow that and work on the saree quilt. Don't you think so? Hee hee. I can justify almost anything, even starting a new quilt!!

Besides that, creating will take my mind off my sister in Christchurch, NZ - where earthquakes have damaged sewage and buildings. Her house is okay. She's well, her partner is well, and the dog is not so scared anymore. Big changes around there at the moment though.


Karen said...

Oh, scallops on the border would be so pretty on this!

Teresa said...

How scary for your sister!! let's hope she continues to cope and be OK!!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Janet said...

That's a lovely quilt, how big will it be? The fabrics are beautiful.