Monday, 11 August 2008

Jane A. Stickle quilts

Well, you've seen my Jane Stickle quilt colours. The quilts pictured today were on display at the VicQuilters showcase July 2008. They are spectacular. Just like the "Nearly Insane" quilts in the slideshow, every Jane Stickle quilt (otherwise known as "Dear Jane") has different fabrics and a different look. Congratulations to these quiltmakers for their achievements. Thank you for inspiring other quilters.

Mostly I followed the geometric draft of each block in the book, even when it did not match the way the original block was constructed. I changed a few things around for my convenience. e.g. I appliqued rather than pieced some shapes.

It took me five years to make 169 blocks and the pieced triangles. I had to stop periodically to collect fabrics. (Now I am battling to reduce the stash!) Jane Stickle's quilt has trip around the world colouring from the centre, then the colours blend and the pattern is lost.

I decided on my own trip around the world colour scheme before I started. I didn't want too much brown in my quilt, so I put in more purple, red and blue.


Lyn said...

Hello there, well, there is hope for me yet. I have made sixty-five blocks of the Dear Jane Quilt and have been working on it for the past twelve months.Love to see it finished with the quilting. Warmest Regards Lyn

Sharyn said...

Congratulations on finishing your Jane. I learned so much during piecing that quilt...#1 being nothing can scare me now, size or technique-wise :)

karenfae said...

I just love these dear janes but especially the top one with all the colorful colors in it. I did my first one in a lot of bright colors also but they are all mixed up in it not like this one that goes round and round. I still have to quilt mine :( and now I am working on piecing another Dear Jane! this one is in reds and white.

Rain Clair said...

I so very much want to own the first quilt! I'm in love with the bright colors!