Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Chicken Strips

Mmm... chicken strips! Actually, I am not at all hungry. I just cooked some Greek lamb sausages to eat for lunch at work and I stink of cooking meat!! I will need to drive with the window open. First, I need to force this muesli down my throat before I leave. It is an awful long time before morning tea - nearly three hours from now.

But, now, back to the quilting: I have joined the 9 chicken blocks into strips of 3. I used up leftover bits of binding on the back. BTW the back is looking VERY colourful! As this quilt is intended to be the "feeling sick" quilt, I hope the back is uplifting rather than nauseating! LOL!! My DH says the the back is looking rather fungly! Not only has he been reading my blog, he is up with the lingo! Bless him!

Last Saturday at a quilt-in, Margaret introduced herself to me, and I said "I have one of your chicken blocks and I am just putting the quilt together". What a coincidence! One of her chickens pictured above is saying "I can lay 10 eggs". What a bragger!

The pink and purple chicken is the one I made. I know that chickens are not really pink, but it is just for fun. I wonder if anyone seeing the title of this post imagines a chicken doing a strip-tease. I think the pink and purple chicken would be one doing the stripper dance.

I got a present in the mail!

Thank you Cathy! Cathy currently has a giveaway. You need to post your favourite memory about being 10.

I need to finish something else before I can start this. I know it won't take long once I get started, but I am on a roll with the chickens and I don't want to stop!


The Calico Cat said...

Love the purple polka dot - that used to live in my stash.

Bizarre Quilter said...

I am hoping to use all of mine up in this quilt - I don't need any leftovers!! LOL!!

ROZ said...

I love the chickens, and the embroidery