Sunday, 31 August 2008

A quilt that needs a name

Yesterday I made 3 more of these blocks. That's a total of 30 so far.

I need to spread them out on my bed (this is my largest flat surface and it's a good way to measure the quilt to see if it will fit!!) to calculate how many blocks I will need.

It is sooo good to have my workspace back again. I am keen to finish this quilt top while I have this UFO on the list of 4. It would be too easy to put it away again. I forget when I started them. I think Andrea was looking at Nickel Quilts at the time, so it was when she was in Australia. Was that 2006?

I think the quilt needs some black and some more orange fabrics in it. I won't know until I spread them all out today. I will take a photo and and ask for feedback on colour selections. Even though I have not spread out all the blocks yet, I can see that it still needs something at the moment. The red and orange block on top of the pile is one of my favourites already.

I do need to think of a name for this quilt.... my brain is not awake yet... Any suggestions?


The Calico Cat said...

That is a UFO of mine, but mine are not blocks yet...

Numismatist Facts said...

How are you going to set them? Sashing or side by side? I like them.

A few years ago I was not thrilled with scrappy quilts but am gradually finding coordinated quilts to be boring. I think I fit into the controlled scrappy group.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Definitely sashing with a cornerstone in shirting.

It doesn't feel scrappy, it is like I am showing my collection. LOL!!