Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Different wedding quilt

What do you think of this idea?

It's a wedding dress turned into a quilt.

Hmm.. Maybe I will do that with mine. I was thinking of selling it because I thought it would never be used again. It's been dry cleaned.

Mine has a lot of beading and sequins on the front and a frothy overlay. I'd better find a photo and ask you again.

Maybe I could put my wedding blocks in with it...

It's something to think about!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Quilt-aid continues...

Yes, the Quilt-aid quilt continues, but what about me?? I need some aid with this quilt!! I am guessing you know how I might feel, where you have worked and worked on a quilt, woke up in a sweat after dreaming about it... and just want it to be finished!! I know I will enjoy the quilt later when it's not such a chore. The deadline is looming!

The final step has been to applique scalloped borders and join them around the outside as final borders... This one looks lovely... awww...

So does this one... Awww..
Hang on!! That means the borders look like this... Whoops!! and Dang it!!

Uh oh!! They are supposed to be like this....

I had to a fair bit of frog-stitch (you know: rippit, rippit, rippit??).. then my bobbin ran out after sewing 6 inches... and I had unpinned as I went, so I had to re-pin re-sew! It was way tooooo late to be sewing tonight.

But, I am on a very tight timeline. I need to finish appliqueing and embellishing the centre of the quilt next.

Here is the incomplete centre surrounded by all the blocks and borders on 2 sides. Only the centre to finish, 2 sides to applique, then join the pieces together. Phew! I need it finished by Tuesday for photography...
Okay, I'm off to bed for a fresh start in the morning. There's no point trying to do more now, it only leads to frogging.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Quilt-Aid centre progress

Can you see where I have fussy-cut the borders for the centre of the quilt?

The applique and stitchery aren't quite finished yet. I needed to put on some borders first, as some of the applique extends over the first border.

More embellishment and definition to come.....

I wonder how the other QuiltAid quilts will look!!
I just found this blog about The Toy Society. Have you heard of it? What fun! I think I would like to give it a go!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tweed swap

I have been collecting tweed and wool jackets from the opp shops- especially when they are having a "all clothes $1 each" sale.

I pick up the nice tweeds and wool jackets with the view to do some wool applique. It doesn't matter if there is a cigarette burn in the sleeve - I won't use that bit.

I wash the jackets in the washing machine in cold water on the gentle cycle. If they stand up to that, they can go in my quilt or cushions.

So what do you think, shall we swap "pieces" or squares of wool jackets? Anybody want to host it? I am working my butt off, and this would be insipiring.

I just read Bernadette's blog and she entered in a "vintage sheet" swap. Dang! I missed out!! That would have been great. I've collected some old kitchen curtains too...

Monday, 18 May 2009

Working on the borders

I am working on the borders for the Quilt-Aid quilt. I have chosen to use the border print from the fabric range Potpourri Sachet (all the fabric is from this range), so the size of the centre is dependant on the width of the sashings.

I am on a pretty tight time deadline with this quilt - so my DH was helping me when I trialled the sashings - he was unpicking for me.

Picture my DH bent over his unpicking, then putting "his" sewing down with the exclamation "The hell if I know where love resides!!"

LOL!! Have I watched that movie too many times???

It's going to be a b-iii-g quilt. Should be large enough for a queen sized bed!!

I will show you some more photos as I progress.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Quilt-aid progress

My best friends and I have been working really hard on these blocks to finish my quilt design for the Quilt-aid programme.

The blocks contain a mixture of piecing, applique and embroidery - Andrea did the piecing and I did the embroidery and applique.

Sandra has done the most beautiful job on this tree with the birds - her circles are perfect! (She used lots of spray starch).

Andrea pieced the block before Rosie appliqued and embroidered the birds and flowers.

I appliqued this one, and Andrea did the piecing.

This one is my applique - don't compare my "circles" to Sandra's!!

Happy birthday to my dear friend Andrea.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Redwork goodies!! Thank you!!

Maree from "On My Verandah" hosted a redwork cushion swap.

I signed up as soon as I found out about it! Wouldn't you know it, I had just enjoyed making a redwork cushion myself!! Actually, I made 2 the same. That's how much I liked it!! LOL!!

So, I kept one and posted the other one off to New Zealand...

I had the most wonderful surprise in a LARGE parcel!!

A big present - my cushion!! Now, this angel just needs to plant my bulbs!! LOL!!

She could very well be me, she has a handbag!! This cushion is so gorgeous... look at the chenille on the sides!!

But wait, there's more in the box!!

What is it? Oh my goodness!! A big red mug, cherry ripe (Mmm, ate that straight away thank you....), ric rac and threads... I guess my gardening angel was reading my blog and knows how much I love ric rac, stitching and chenille!! LOL!!

Here is the back of the cushion.... the buttons are so sweet!!

Guess who made my present??? I am honoured to have received this special gift from Maree arch-angel of swapping herself.
Thank you so much Maree. I really enjoyed this swap, what fun! Now, back to her blog to read what other people have said about the swap!!!