Thursday, 28 February 2013

Two for one

What could be better than a beautiful quilt?
A two-sided quilt with very very different sides!!!

I knew from the beginning when I started making this quilt that it would be for a special friend, Priya. After I'd made the front of the quilt, I asked Mum to quilt butterflies on it... (Priya loves butterflies)....

The other side with the endearing Om symbol is special for us both - we are yoga family.
Love you Priya!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Fairy godmothering

Soon I'll be a Fairy Godmother... My little niece will wear my christening dress when she's grown a bit... Aww...

And what does a Fairy Goddaughter need? A fairy quilt.

I love these fabrics. Green is the colour associated with the heart chakra and unconditional love.

This is the gift I give as Fairy Godmother. Unconditional Love....

The binding is made, the backing is joined, the label is attached.

Ready to be quilted by my Mumsy, and I'm thinking I'd like bubbles all over it.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Messing about

Oh! The pleasure of sewing with no fixed pattern, no prescriptive instructions, and no need to write down the instructions so that someone else can follow it.... yippee!!

Going with the flow, and the flow is going..... ah.. this is the back of Karla's retro 70s quilt...

and now I'm ready for it to be quilted... (thanks Mum, love you!!!).....