Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pretty Boho

I think there is smoke coming out of my sewing machine!! I just sewed and sewed.

I really should listen sometimes. I ran out of bobbin twice while sewing one particular seam (How do you do that? I finished one bobbin, then put in another with only a bit of thread left on it. I wanted to empty it so I could fill a few bobbins at once - not enough for the whole row of sewing though). So, onto the third bobbin for that row.... then I had to unpick it all. Sewed it in the wrong place, silly me!! I should have listened - the machine was telling me something!
Now the centre of the quilt top is all sewn, I can sweep the floor. Yuck! All the threads and fluff that drop when handling fabric! It's a very dusty occupation, this sewing caper.
I need to audition borders, then sew them on. Now the quilt pieces are off the floor, I think I will leave it for a few days. I am exhausted!! (but a very happy kind of exhausted!!).
Pretty Penelope is developing her own Boho sort of feel, and I am loving it!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Avoiding housework in more ways than one

I am finding "Pretty Penelope" (as I have nick-named this quilt-to-be) to be an absolutely addictive plaything. To design the quilt layout, first I had to make as many blocks as I want (at least to start with, I could always make more or exclude some if necessary).
Then I arranged all the strips before doing any sewing.

Next I made the cornerstones and laid them all out. I had to avoid placing the black cornerstone with a black frame as the four-patches were totally lost where that occurred.
So, the entire quilt is currently laid out on the "design floor" (i.e. the floor, in lieu of a "design wall"). You can see only the first couple of rows are assembled. There is a lot of sewing to do before this floor can be swept!! Hmm... avoiding housework by making quilts works in a few ways, doesn't it?

Monday, 24 January 2011


Just starting something else new. I hope it will come together almost as quickly as the Java quilt top!! Although, as I am designing this quilt to suit the fabric, I expect it will take a little longer.
It's just so pretty! ... from the fabric range "Penelope" by Lakehouse.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

What I've been wanting...

This is exactly what I've been wanting to say "It's finished!!"
I am really happy with the colour choices in this quilt.

Thanks for the fab quilting Mum. It really does make the quilt.

To read more posts about the making of this quilt, click here.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Steam and flames

Alright! I've finished the quilt top and tablerunner top from the "Java" range.

I am hoping Mum has a quilting design that will look like coffee steam - sort of swirly with points in it as well - steam and flames behave a lot alike don't they?

These fabrics are really lively. I can't wait to see them quilted.Alright!! I'm on the way to another finish!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011


I had to start something else. No, really, I had to. It's a sample for my LQS.

It's going to be a wallhanging. There will also be a co-ordinating table runner. I love the fabric, and the project is not difficult.

I just feel like I would like to be finishing something. Soon.
Look at the highlighting on the fabric print. It's quite retro isn't it? This is the free pattern that goes with the new "Java" range by moda.

Monday, 17 January 2011


It's not a good start for 2011, is it? I've started something else new, and haven't finished anything yet!! I have to make some quick quilts for work, so this will be one.
It's already half pieced, let's hope it doesn't stall for too long at this point. Sometimes when I am on a roll, I need to stay on it.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

F is for finished quilt top

Yep, the quilt top is finished, the backing is pieced and Mum is getting it tomorrow for quilting. Thanks Mum!! There's no rush. It's been hanging around for 5 years already!! LOL!!
This quilt is for my sister - I visited her over the Christmas holidays, and even in Summer, her couch quilts are used all the time. The quilts were looking very well loved. I am glad. But, I think it would be nice to freshen them up, and put the others away for awhile. (They have been in constant use for 5 years or so!!).
It's a good excuse to finish a very old UFO.

Friday, 14 January 2011

F is for Feupie

I dug out these initial blocks from a swap I participated in 2005. I made the "F" block, then made a block for someone else each month. 11 different people each made a block for this quilt.

I provided the background fabric (4 different colours), and requested no flowers, frills or pink - Feupie does NOT DO pink. At all.

Feupie is the special nickname I use for my sister.

As you can see, I stitched a Fish. Other blocks are: Fresh Fruit, Falling leaves, Feline Fleur de lys, out of the Frying pan into the Fire, Fabulous Funky Fungi, Fat Furry Feline, Feupie and Frainse, Fish, Frog, Fraise (French for strawberry), French Friends Farewelling a Friend on the sailboat "Free".

The blocks have been cut down, the sashings are chosen, and the binding is already put away. I started with a reddish colour for the cornerstones, but had to change to green. There wasn't enough contrast.

I was too tired to finish adding the last couple of rows. I hope I don't put this down for too long!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Small diversion

This is almost quilty.. it's a finish, whatever you want to say. Diane Phalen paints pictures with quilts in them. Some are printed into cards, and some of her pictures have inspired quilts with pieced blocks and landscape techniques combined.
Andrea gave me this jigsaw for Christmas, and I've finished it. I will pack it up, and take it on my next retreat. It can be stay set up on a puzzleroll in case anyone wants to put a few pieces in on their way past. Everyone needs a little diversion, every now and then. :)