Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Purple hip scarf bra

There is another fast way to create a belly dance bra, without all the beading and sequins. Simply stitch an inexpensive hip scarf to a bra. This $8 scarf is hand stitched around the top then is allowed to hang over the bra, and finally ties closed over the clasps at the back.

I really like wearing this bra, and it falls beautifully - my bust even jingles while I move... but the bra underneath is so lovely, and it's hidden. Sometime, I will buy another bra, remove the hip scarf off here and stitch it onto a plain inexpensive one.

This bra is so lovely underneath, it deserves to have some sequins on it, just to show it's loveliness. (Have you shown your bra lately? Hee hee.) I am feeling inspired to stitch on some purple, green and yellow pansies.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Teal and Tangerine Belly Dance Bra

Ooh! I think someone has the bug!

I bought this bra, which PERFECTLY matched the unusual fluro pink/orange fabric swatch - now made into harem pants -  I had been carrying around in my bag.

The bra was so pretty it didn't need much blinging. So I added two different sized sequins - large pink with teal over the top, and some pink with gold, attached in a random arrangement.

While I have worn it a couple of times, I am still looking for a fringe or tassels to hang around underneath in just the right shade.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Blue sparkly belly dance bra for Kerri

I've had so much fun decorating Belly Dance bras, that I have quickly used up all my supplies (time to scout for bargain bras and matching sequins and motifs).

So I offered to decorate some for my girlfriend Kerri. She sews amazingly, and has been sewing her own ballroom dancing clothes for over 20 years, but the handwork is not her favourite. Woo hoo! I get to do some more handwork without buying supplies!

This is her first pair, covered in a remnant of blue sparkly fabric, then freestyle sequined by me.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Black with blue flower belly dance bra

And an even faster way!

I bought a black sequined top at the opp shop for $1, then cut it to cover a $5 bargain bra, appliqued around the edge to stitch on the black background, while turning the edge under.

A blue sequin motif was added, and ta-da! A very very quick (and very reasonable priced) addition to the Belly Dance costume collection was created.

Just a little note, if you are thinking of doing this yourself, watch that the sequins folded under the edge don't scratch your skin - you might need to use very sharp scissors to trim the excess away.